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Aftermarket Sales Solutions    Aftermarket Sales Solutions

Aftermarket Sales Solutions

Both customers and manufacturers of everything from cars to household appliances know that nothing lasts forever. Which means that after-sales make up an essential part of the customer experience over the lifetime of a product.

As businesses began offering solutions instead of products, it became evident that selling spare parts and after-sales services-conducting repairs; installing upgrades; reconditioning equipment; carrying out inspections and day-to-day maintenance; offering technical support, consulting, and training; and arranging finances could be a bountiful source of revenues and profits as well.

After-sales services are a high-margin business, and they account for a large chunk of corporate profits.

In industries such as automobiles, white goods, industrial machinery companies have sold so many units over the years that their aftermarkets have become four to five times larger than the original equipment businesses.

Although original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) carry, on average, more than 10% of annual sales as spares, most don't get the best out of those assets. People and facilities are often idle, inventory turns of just one to two times annually are common, and a whopping 23% of parts become obsolete every year. Some OEMs are content to let independent service providers cater to customers. Indeed, third-party vendors have become so price competitive that OEMs lose most of the aftermarket the moment the initial warranty period ends.

Being on par with your rivals in performance, price, and quality gets you into the game; after-sales services can win you the game. Finally, when businesses provide aftermarket support, they gain a deep understanding of customers, technologies, processes, and plans-knowledge that rivals can't easily acquire. That provides companies with an unlikely, but sustainable, competitive advantage.

We help you harness the advantage and competitive edge of aftermarket sales, with our state-of-the-art Intelli Catalogue, Intelli Accessories product, we help you attract and capture more parts orders than ever.

Intelli aftermarket solution has been successfully implemented at many companies, industry-leaders from the automotive, manufacturing, heavy equipment and white good industries...It has improved customer satisfaction and achieved substantial benefits and quick return on investment for these OEM's and their dealers.

Features :

  • Parts Catalogue
    • Automatic Frequent Catalogue Update
    • Advance Search Features
    • High Quality of Data and Information
    • VIN Filtering
    • Technical Illustrations
    • Complete Part Listings
  • End to end parts order management
  • Integrated with business management system
  • Enable more profit center by enabling accessories sales solution
  • Foster relationship between OEM and Dealer, more parts sales and accessories sales
For more detailed features check Intelli Catalogue and Intelli Accessories product


  • Grow your business, sell more parts and accessories
  • With lean philosophies and sophisticated business process logics save more time and money
  • Increase OEM and Dealer profitability and relationship
  • Improve customer satisfaction and so create brand value and earn loyalty
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Aftermarket Sales Solutions