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Intelli Accessories – An Overview

Today, accessories serve as a complementary thing which completes the initial product. Yes, consumers these days prefer purchasing all the accessories along with the product for comfort and facility. Thus, accessory sale forms one of the major parts of aftermarket sales.

Keeping a stock of all the accessories in the store is many times not possible for dealers which hamper their sales. To help dealers provide an instant access to all the accessories for boosting their sales, we provide Intelli Accessories as a part of Electronic Parts Catalog.

Intelli Accessories is a unique module inbuilt in Electronic spare parts catalog software. This module helps OEM to manage accessories digitally and allows dealers to sell it directly to the end users. Intelli-Accessories is also integrated with e-commerce facility, order management and other unique features.

Unique features of Intelli Accessories for dealers

Intelli Accessories is embedded with exceptionally unique features for great user experience and enhanced aftermarket sales of accessories. Let's have a look at the unique features and know how they are helping dealers in different industries such as automotive, agricultural, construction etc.
  • Easy search and identification
    Hundreds and hundreds of accessories are available in market today and every accessory is unique as it only suitable for a particular model. Finding a particular accessory for a specific model is a hard task for dealers. However, with Intelli accessories it becomes a child play as it offers visual search along with search via part number, name, model etc
  • Easy Ordering Process
    Just like EPC Software, our Intelli Accessories is also integrated with e-commerce facilities. A storefront is provided for directly ordering the required accessory. In addition, it is also integrated with payment procedure which is similar to an e-commerce store. Thus, dealers can easily place order to the OEMs and end users can directly place order to a particular dealer.
  • Instant Comparison
    This module also offers the instant comparison option dealers can easily compare accessories of similar category with just a few clicks which is not possible with manual catalogs. In fact, it also provides facility to attach manufacturer's notes and bulletins providing instant access to the valuable information.
  • Price flexibility
    The module allows dealers to sell accessories at the profit margin which withstand market pricing. Dealers can easily change the profit margin as per their own requirement.

  • Third-Party address validation
    Intelli Accessories also has an in-built third party address validation facility which eliminates the chances of wrong shipment and penalty to shipment companies like Fed-ex etc.

  • Order Tracking
    This module also provides order tracking facilities which help dealers to know the live status of their order reducing repetitive communication with OEMs. Dealers can easily know the status as well as the expected delivery date of their order.

Benefits of Intelli Accessories for Dealers

Intelli Accessories is proving highly beneficial for dealers as it is helping them to enhance sales and increase revenue. In addition to increasing aftermarket sales, it also provides numerous other benefits which include

  • Increased Sales and Enhanced Profit
    As stated above Intelli Accessories provide dealers with a storefront to directly sell accessories online to the end users. This increases their sales and profit from one of the major profit centers i.e. aftermarket sales.
  • Dealer's Brand Recognition
    Selling accessories online directly to the end users also results in dealer's brand recognition which in turn helps dealers to enhance sales and build regular customers.
  • Cost Saving
    This module also helps dealers to save the expenditure of maintaining accessory catalog. Maintaining manual catalog in good condition is a hard task as paper decay with time and needs proper space for storage.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
    Instant availability of accurate accessories increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. This helps dealers in reaping long term profit and building regular customer.

Other benefits of this module to the dealers include :

  • High value proposition for dealer in the market
  • More penetration into the accessories market
  • High possibilities of online buyer to convert to regular customer
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What they Are Saying
"Intelli catalogue is highly regarded by customers, partners and grudgingly by competitors?It has the reputation it does in the parts catalogue and order management solution market because it has accurately identified the parameters prospects and customers use to assess the given offerings and has successfully executed against plan to be the market leader in those parameters..."

"Besides enabling the entire catalogue management process to be less error prone and highly efficient, Intelli Catalogue has tremendously improved the Dealer Communications resulting in fewer part shortages at the showroom level."

Mr. R. S. Kapoor, DPM, Parts Division (Maruti)
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