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Intelli Accessories - OEM

Accessories are not optional anymore! Demands of accessories have created it a new profit center. To capitalize this market and stay ahead in competition, ‘Intelli Accessories’ is helping manufacturers and their dealer’s network in an unprecedented way to gain and maintain their share of this growing market.

Manufactures shares a special bond with their dealers, and offering accessories sales opportunity through your dealer network would increase your profitability and take your relationship to a new level.

To make this happen, you not only need to provide accessories data to your dealer’s hand but also enables them with right tool to let them offer best of you.

That’s where Intelli Accessories OEM tool makes an imperative difference. Being a new market leader in Electronic Parts Catalogue with more than 10 years of domain experience, we have nothing less than the best-of-best accessories selling tool for your business..
Intelli Accessories - OEM Features
Easy insightful navigation and display of accessories, marketing images added to promote and to give more clarity
    Includes detailed product information, fitment specs and images.

  • Search becomes easy
    Intelli Catalogue information is easily searchable by category, name, number, description or keyword

  • Always ahead in your business:
    Auto update your data with remote data update utility - no time lag. Stay ahead in your business

  • Pricing controls
    Your dealerships can set default terms and rates, and change them on the fly to match a customer's deal structure.

  • MSRP publication.
    Provide standard pricing while giving dealerships the flexibility to set their pricing for accessories and its installation.

  • Live order delivery status track:
    With "track" feature live status of your delivery, integrated 3rd part API of delivery services company like FedEx, UPS

  • Compare feature
    Provide comparison option to similar category accessories.
    Attaches manufacturer special notes and bulletin to accessories – giving you immediate access to important information.

    Simple integration with existing system and ordering mechanism
  Intelli Accessories - OEM : benefits
  • Raise accessory sales.
  • A new profit center for OEM and Dealer, reinforce Manufacturer’s and Dealer’s relationship.
  • Motivate dealership involvement in selling accessories.
  • Boost brand zest.
  • Emphasize your key advantages over after-market accessory providers:
  • Readily-available financing
  • Warranty Solutions
  • Turnkey service and installation
Join the growing number of manufacturers and dealers using intellinet today, including:
maruti  mahindra  perodua  navistar  force
What they Are Saying
"Intelli catalogue is highly regarded by customers, partners and grudgingly by competitors…It has the reputation it does in the parts catalogue and order management solution market because it has accurately identified the parameters prospects and customers use to assess the given offerings and has successfully executed against plan to be the market leader in those parameters..."

"Besides enabling the entire catalogue management process to be less error prone and highly efficient, Intelli Catalogue has tremendously improved the Dealer Communications resulting in fewer part shortages at the showroom level."

Mr. R. S. Kapoor, DPM, Parts Division (Maruti)
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