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Intelli Accessories – An Overview

In the automobile industry, accessories form a separate section as there are multiple accessories used in a single model and there are hundreds of models offered by a single OEM. With the advancement in the technology comfort level has increased manifolds, leading to the increase in accessories and modification in the existing ones.

However, for OEMs managing such a huge number of accessories with every minute detail is the biggest challenge. To resolve this challenge, we at Intellinet offer Intelli Accessories as a part of our Electronic Spare Parts Catalog Software.

Intelli Accessories is a special module in-built in Electronic Parts Catalogue for helping OEM to manage their accessories easily and efficiently. This separate module makes the management of thousands of accessories easier as it provides a separate unit with numerous unique features for instant updates.

What are the Unique Features of Intelli Accessories?

Intelli Accessories offers exceptionally unique features to the original equipment manufacturers. This unique module is a part of Electronic Parts Catalog Software which allows OEM to digitalize their accessory catalog and boost their aftermarket sales for accessories. Below are the major features of Intelli Accessories helpful to OEMs, have a look

  • Organized and Updated information

    Maintaining the updated accessories data/catalog is a challenging task as new and updated accessories keeps on approaching the market regularly. Intelli accessories organize the entire data with graphics and visuals as well as allow OEMs to instantly update the catalog with the clicks of a mouse.

  • Instant Search

    As stated above, there are thousands of accessories available with every OEM. Thus, finding the right one is a big challenge. Intelli Catalog simplifies this search via category, description, keyword, name etc.

  • Know applicability with different models

    There are accessories which also go with numerous different models. Finding the alternate accessory in the absence of the original one is just next to impossible with the manual catalogue. However, Intelli Accessories module in electronic parts catalogue allows you to find the alternate accessory with just a click of mouse as it also showcases the alternate options. This helps in increasing the aftermarket sales.

  • Special information attached

    OEMs need to provide some specific information about the accessory and Intelli accessories provides them with that flexibility. With this special module, manufacturers have the facility to add bulletins and special notes to the specific accessory. Thus, giving immediate access to the important information to dealers and distributors.

  • Storefront for sales

    Aftermarket sales contributes to one of the major profit centers. Thus, our Electronic spare parts catalog software also provides a direct storefront for aftermarket sales of accessories. Dealers can easily place their order in just a few clicks.

  • Auto Discount Offers

    OEMs keep on providing discounts to dealers for boosting their sales and reaping maximum profit from this profit center. Our Intelli Accessories module provides auto discount offers. OEM just needs to define their discount pattern via admin panel and it will automatically reflect during the purchases.

  • Vendor Direct Part Services

    Many dealers in foreign countries offer direct delivery to customer?s address. Vendor Direct Part Services is also available with our EPC software. Dealers can get the delivery done directly at the customer?s address thus facilitating Vendor Direct Part Services.

  • Easy integration with existing EPC system

    Intelli accessories is a separate module; hence it can be easily integrated with your existing electronic spare parts catalog system along with the ordering mechanism.


How Intelli Accessories Benefit OEMs?

Just like features, this unique module provides multiple benefits to OEMs and helps them to enhance their profit via aftermarket sales of accessories. Below listed are the major benefits of Intelli Accessories, let?s have a look

  • Boosts aftermarket sales

    Intelli accessories helps in boosting the aftermarket sales of the accessories by offering easy recognition of alternate parts, easy availability, ordering process and a lot more. In addition, it also helps in maintaining stock in accordance with the market demand which results in effective aftermarket sales.

  • Cost saving

    It plays a vital role in cost saving by offering instant catalog update which is a costly as well as time-consuming procedure. Updating catalog involves entire printing and distribution process which increases the cost manifolds. However, with this unique module, the cost goes down to the minimum.

  • Enhanced dealer involvement in accessory sales

    This module also enhances the involvement of dealers in accessory sales. The basic reason being the easy availability of accessories, updated information, easy ordering system etc. which in turn boosts the aftermarket sales of OEMs.

In addition to the above-listed benefits, this unique module of EPC Software offers numerous other benefits to OEM which include

  • A new profit center for OEM and Dealer, reinforce Manufacturer's & Dealer's relationship.
  • Boost brand zest.
  • Emphasize your key advantages over after-market accessory providers
  • Readily-available financing
  • Warranty Solutions
  • Turnkey service and installation

Intelli accessories are specially designed to help OEMs with accessories data management and sales. It comes in-built with our online spare parts catalogue and meets all the accessory requirements of OEMs.

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Mr. R. S. Kapoor, DPM, Parts Division (Maruti)
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