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Intelli Catalogue - OEM

Overview | Features | Benefits

What is Intelli Catalogue?

Intelli Catalogue is a digital look-up of your manual spare parts catalog. It is illustrated spare parts catalogue software which provides a one-stop solution to OEMs for spare parts management and efficient aftermarket sales. It has a modular design with high scalability feature and easy to use options.

Electronic spare parts catalogue software is just the replica of the manual catalogue with few advanced features making spare part management, order management a child?s play. This software provides easy search options, auto-update option, and storefront to dealers for effective aftermarket sales.

How does Intelli Catalogue Work?

Intelli Catalog is a software system which has a systematic data of all the spare parts and accessories which are offered by the concerned OEM. All the information is stored on the server which is easily assessable to OEM via back end and system updates.

A separate module is available for different tasks which make it easy to operate and update. Unlike manual catalogue, you can update the latest addition in just few minutes by filling the required information. It not only offers easy update option but also offers numerous unique features which include Order Management, ECI & ECN Automation, e-commerce facility and a lot more.

Unique features offered by Intelli Catalogue ? A Electronic Spare Parts Catalogue software?

Our illustrated Spare Parts Catalogue Software comes with multiple unique features which are the major attraction of the product
Below listed are the major features of Electronic Spare Parts Catalogue Software which are helpful to OEMs, have a look ?
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Intelli Catalogue - OEM Features

  • Instant Updates

    Updating web-based part catalog is just a matter of few clicks, at almost zero expenses and in a very short span of time. New parts and accessories can be added as soon as they are introduced in the market.

  • Easy spare part management

    With the modification in the product architecture, few spare part become obsolete and new are introduced in the market. With our online catalogue software, you can easily delete the obsolete parts, add the new one. In addition, information regarding the alternate parts and part update is also available at the same place which makes spare part management an easy task.

  • Automation of ECI & ECN process

    With design modification, OEMs need to provide ECI and ECN to the dealers in order to inform them about the change. Regulating these documents requires time and cost both but with our web-based parts catalog, ECI & ECN processes are automated.

  • Storefront to dealers and distributors

    Our software also provides storefront for dealers to allow them place correct order in just few clicks. This storefront allows dealers to easily find the accurate parts in no time with the help of part number, assembly diagram etc. In addition, they can also place their order.

  • Integration with ERP, DMS etc.

    For making the ordering process as easy as an e-commerce website, we also integrate electronic spare parts catalogue software with ERP, DMS, PLM, CAD, PDM etc.

  • Order Management

    Our software not only offer easy ordering process but also easy order management option. Dealers can also track their orders in just few minutes. Dealers do not have to repeatedly check with the OEMs to know the status of their order. They can easily login and track their order like an e-commerce website.

  • Available on different platforms

    Our software is available on different platforms which include Android, IOS, tab, web, CD/DVD, Desktop etc. so the OEMs can use the suitable platform. For example, in remote areas where internet is not available CD/DVD or Desktop are the best platforms and so on. To make it easily accessible, we also offer mobile app for the same.

  • Strong Data Security

    Security of Data is one of the major concerns of companies and we ensure the security of your data. We not only secure the data of the company but also the secure user-related information with the help of advanced security mechanism.

  • Automated order return process

    Returning the spare part involves a pre-decided process and requires approval at various steps. Our software also automates the return process making it less time consuming and easy for both dealers as well as OEMs.


How is Electronic Part Catalogue beneficial to OEMs?

Online spare parts catalogue offers multiple benefits to OEMs. Let’s have a look at the benefits of Electronic Spare Parts Catalog to OEM.

  • Cost Saving
    Electronic spare part catalogue is cost effective for OEMs as it directly curtails the cost involved in printing and distribution of the manual catalogue. Every time there is a need for updating the catalogue, OEMs had to bear entire reprinting and redistribution cost. However, our EPC Software reduces this cost to almost zero as updates are made in just few clicks.
  • Low maintenance cost
    For maintaining paper (manual) catalog you require a specific place, safety from moisture, heat etc. In addition, catalogues go in bad condition within a year paper, increasing the maintenance cost. On the contrary, EPC Management Solution reduces this cost to the minimum as all the information is saved on the server and you just have to pay some annual charges as a maintenance cost.
  • Error-free processes
    Manual processes generally have a high risk of errors in comparison to an automated process. Errors are common in mentioning or reading the part numbers; however, with our online software these errors are very rare. With every part number there are graphics available so one can easily resemble the part before ordering. In addition, one can also place order by scanning the QR code. Thus, making the processes error-free.
  • Sales forecasting
    Forecasting sales is very important for effective aftermarket sales. Our Electronic Spare Parts Catalogue Software allows you to forecast your sales and maintain the inventory accordingly. OEMs easily get to know highly demanded spare parts as well as less demanded parts which help them to forecast their sales.
  • Aftermarket Sales boost up
    One of the major benefits of Web-Based Spare Parts Catalog Software is the boost in the aftermarket sales. Easily availability of original spare parts, sales forecasting feature, easy ordering process etc. serves a long way in boosting up the aftermarket sales.

We have designed Intelli Catalog keeping in mind the requirement of OEMs for providing them an easy catalogue management system as well as for boosting their aftermarket sales.

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What they Are Saying
"Intelli catalogue is highly regarded by customers, partners and grudgingly by competitors?It has the reputation it does in the parts catalogue and order management solution market because it has accurately identified the parameters prospects and customers use to assess the given offerings and has successfully executed against plan to be the market leader in those parameters..."

"Besides enabling the entire catalogue management process to be less error prone and highly efficient, Intelli Catalogue has tremendously improved the Dealer Communications resulting in fewer part shortages at the showroom level."

Mr. R. S. Kapoor, DPM, Parts Division (Maruti)
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