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Quick facts around the world of mobile

Over 120 million people in the US own a Smartphone, an increase of 30 million over last year according to ComScore.
Smartphones account for over 50% of all mobile phone users. Further, over 48 million people own a tablet, a growth of 300% from last year.

The top three mobile activities are texting, using social media and online shopping.
70% connected with the business, 66% who visited the Business, 23% told others about it, 36% who made a purchase.

Mobile app maximizes opportunities for reaching users in new pockets of time to remind them of a shopping cart; a more seamless experience of stored login and billing information, which is easier to transact.
The quicker and better app developed will publicize brand in a better way.
It is also way of creating newer avenues for revenues for business along with promotional benefit as smart phone development market is really growing very fast.

"The above mentioned data set - changing the mind set of dealers and OEM."

To tap the potential of making new profit center, Intellinet has designed an integrated mobile app solution for dealer:
  • Parts and accessories catalogue : on mobile app focused on end customer, which speed up enables quick & easy parts information and so increased spare parts and accessories sales.
  • Exceptional user experience : mobile app to interact with your business from anywhere and at anytime - improves customer satisfaction
  • Target local customers and provide special offers : Customers who are on the go seem more likely to engage with brands if they are localized.
  • Provide better customer support : Good customer support is crucial to keep getting new referrals, and a mobile app is an excellent channel for delivering support instantly and efficiently. It is also a great way to scale your customer support by introducing new channels of communication and delivery directly from the app.
Intellinet and Mobility – Beginning of new possibilities

Obstacles to mobility must be eliminated to let companies develop their businesses through mobile solutions. Intellinet can eliminate mobile inhibitors through our Mobility by “intend” concept. This means that mobile solutions from Intellinet are built into customers Intend, from the ground up, enabling seamless processes, fewer technology constraints, today and in the future. Mobility by Design has three cornerstones:

End-to-end solution An application designed from scratch to support the whole process, from the back-end to the mobile front-end, makes mobility a natural business opportunity, not an IT project.

Mobility built-in With the ever changing technology, we are committed to provide you the ongoing support for your business to let you reap benefits of latest technologies and the features in the mobility

Industry excellence Companies can rely on our mobility product roadmap, which is always aligned with industry trends and challenges. Together we discuss and prioritize product requirements for the way in which mobile solutions need to evolve. This ensures a quicker and safer path to mobility so you can retain your competitive edge, now and in the future.
Join the growing number of manufacturers and dealers using intellinet today, including:
maruti  mahindra  perodua  navistar  force
What they Are Saying
"Intelli catalogue is highly regarded by customers, partners and grudgingly by competitors…It has the reputation it does in the parts catalogue and order management solution market because it has accurately identified the parameters prospects and customers use to assess the given offerings and has successfully executed against plan to be the market leader in those parameters..."

"Besides enabling the entire catalogue management process to be less error prone and highly efficient, Intelli Catalogue has tremendously improved the Dealer Communications resulting in fewer part shortages at the showroom level."

Mr. R. S. Kapoor, DPM, Parts Division (Maruti)
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