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Intelli Mobile - Overview

Technology is one of the major driving factors in today’s era and mobility has become the need of hour for all the business. Technology has increased the pace of work and information is instantly available to the customers with just a touch of finger.

Mobile devices are readily used in day to day functioning of the organization which serves a long way in raising the performance level. OEMs are nowhere behind as they have started to explore the world of digitalization with Intellinet’s Electronic Parts Catalog Software. This software digitalizes the manual catalog which also results in boosting sales.

Know the unique features of Intelli Mobile

Intellinet has introduced Intelli Mobile feature to meet the real time requirement of the OEMs and their dealership network. Below listed are few of the unique features of Intelli Mobile, have a look
  • Accessibility on smartphones and tablets

    Our electronic spare parts catalog is easily accessible via different mobile devices which include - mobile, tablet, smartphones etc. Thus, the maintenance workers, field engineers, warehouse staff and dealership network of OEMs can easily access the information as and when required. We provide native IOS and Android App to the users which make it easily accessible on various different platforms.

  • Scan QR code and identify the accurate part

    Identification of accurate spare parts is a challenging task but with mobile application it becomes a child’s play. Dealers can easily scan the QR code of a particular part in consideration and can instantly identify the accurate part. This eliminates the error in finding and ordering the wrong part.

  • Display with 2-D graphics

    Our electronic spare parts catalog software is supported with illustrations and graphics. Similarly, the mobile applications also display spare parts and accessories with illustrations, 2-D graphics to help dealers and end users easily find the accurate spare parts.

  • Instant order via shopping cart

    Driving aftermarket sales is one of the major objectives of OEM and instant ordering via mobile devices helps to fulfill this objective. Intelli Mobile also provides integration with order management system and dealers can instantly place an order using shopping cart similar to an e-commerce website.

  • Easy and instant access to important information

    Intelli mobile not only makes parts and accessories available in a single click but the important information are also easily accessible. Various descriptive documents such as repair instructions, installation instruction and other service documents can either be downloaded or displayed in word, PDF, excel, XML and HTML format.

  • Access to advance connectivity tools

    Apart from these features, Intelli Mobile also offers accessibility to various advanced connectivity tools which include email, print etc. Thus, users can easily connect to OEMs as and when they want.

  • Exceptional User experience

    Intelli catalog makes the best use of unique smart phone features such as split views, gesture control, touch screen etc. for providing exceptionally amazing user experience.

Enjoy mobility with Intelli Mobile

Intelli Mobile is specially designed to meet the mobility requirement of the OEMs and their dealership network. It is provided along with EPC Management Solutions to help OEMs retain their competitive edge in the market. Intelli mobile helps OEMs to make spare parts management, accessory management, spare part identification, ordering process etc. a techno-friendly and error free process

At Intellinet, we are committed to providing exceptionally unique solution with high mobility factor to help OEMs drive maximum profit from the latest technologies. Intelli Mobile is helping OEMs to move in pace with the latest technology and take their business to the new heights.

Join the growing number of manufacturers and dealers using intellinet today, including:
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What they Are Saying
"Intelli catalogue is highly regarded by customers, partners and grudgingly by competitors?It has the reputation it does in the parts catalogue and order management solution market because it has accurately identified the parameters prospects and customers use to assess the given offerings and has successfully executed against plan to be the market leader in those parameters..."

"Besides enabling the entire catalogue management process to be less error prone and highly efficient, Intelli Catalogue has tremendously improved the Dealer Communications resulting in fewer part shortages at the showroom level."

Mr. R. S. Kapoor, DPM, Parts Division (Maruti)
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