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Intelli Chat – Overview

The Module To Improve OEM - Dealer Communications

What is Intelli Chat?

For every automotive organization dealers are the backbone of their business. They are the one who helps an organization to grow. For automotive OEMs it’s important to listen to their dealers at first priority and solve their queries in time.

In today’s digital world live chat has become an important and integral part of every person life. So, Intellinet has come up with this module called Intelli chat, to make communication process easy between OEMs and dealers. Through this module it will be easier for automotive OEMs and their authorized dealers to interact and communicate with each other in most effective and efficient way. This module from Intellinet can be integrated with all the software’s from Intellinet. If a survey is to be believed, chat method serves the highest satisfaction level in comparison to emails and phone calls. This tool will make it very convenient for OEMs to connect with their dealers and in turn help them achieve dealers delight.

Intelli chat will redefine the way through which OEMs interact with their authorized dealers. With Intelli chat, OEM representative can communicate easily with their teams through all in one easy-to-use inbox. It powers the conversations that matter most to your business, putting you miles ahead of the competition.

Major Advantages of Intelli Chat Module:

  • Convenience: Live chat is convenient for dealers. Just 2 clicks and they are able to convey their problem and get that sorted. There is no special training required even for the new users. Chat icon is always visible making it super convenient for dealers to reach out to the reps and vice-a-versa
  • Save Time: Without a doubt the best benefit of a live chat system is the efficiency it brings in by saving time both for the dealer and for the rep. No more waiting for mail replies even for a simple questions where you expect reply in just a single word
  • Data tracking & Analytics: Your most preferred means of communication today (mails) generates the unstructured data, so if you have to analyze how many queries a dealer reported and how many of them are replied by your Agent you cannot do that from the mail data exchanged in past 1 year but a live chat system helps to achieve all that and helps extract many more meaningful information out of your chat data.
  • End-to-end encryption: Intelli chat has always prioritized making data and communication as secure as possible. The communication offered through Intelli chat is highly secured. All the data sent/received through Intelli chat is encrypted, which means only the sender and recipient can access the content.
  • Security: The first priority for an enterprise client is data security, which means any data exchanged through such chats resides on the third party server. But with Intelli chat, data will always remain on your server.
  • Integration: Intelli chat can be instantly plugged in the existing products to achieve better business benefits. Using Intelli chat with Intelli EPC, OEMs and dealers don’t need to identify themselves before initiating a chat session.

Benefits For Dealers And OEM Representatives:

  • Both can check online and offline mode of one another.
  • Instant message facility from both ends.
  • Message delivery status is shown through double ticks.
  • Message read receipt is shown through blue color ticks.
  • Sound alert on sending and receiving a message.
  • Facility to archive chat
  • Dealer and OEM representative can share PDF files, excel files, images, and videos through the chat window.
  • Pre-defined message templates are also available for both, to save time.
  • Facility to share chat conversation as an email is also available.
  • Dealer and OEM representatives can also attach their images on their profile for a more personalized conversation.
  • New chat alerts will be on top.

Special Benefits For OEM Representatives:

  • OEM users can chat with 3 dealers simultaneously
  • Quick search
  • Customized Welcome Message
  • State Mapping
  • OEM representative EPC admin account integration with Intelli chat application
OEMs looking for boosting their organization performance and improve dealer network performance can integrate Intelli chat module. Intellinet has developed this methodology to establish clear communication channel between OEMs and dealers.

The goal in creating Intelli chat was to empower organization through technology and communication. Intellinet wanted to improve OEMs work functioning in a way that is fastest, simplest, and most reliable. It's important that we get this right and at Intellinet we are thoughtful about the new experiences we'll provide to automotive OEMs.

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