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OEMs Intelli Catalogue - an overview

Intelli Catalogue is interactive spare digital parts catalogue software specially designed to meet the digitalizing demands of OEMs and dealers. It digitalizes the spare part catalog software making parts management, order management etc. an easy task for the two.

Intellinet’s Digital Parts Catalogue Software is highly scalable, configurable and easy to use. It easily meets the varying requirements of OEMs and vendors as it has a modular architecture. In addition, it also serves a long way in boosting aftermarket sales by providing a storefront similar to an e-commerce website.

This digital catalog software not only contains the data of spare parts but also of all the accessories. Thus, updating the catalog and finding the parts in accordance with the demand of the customer becomes a matter of few clicks.

Unique features @ Intellinet’s Electronic Spare Parts Catalog Software –

EPC catalog software offers numerous unique features for OEMs as well as dealers which make Intelli epc Catalogue stand out from other digital parts catalogue software available in the market. Let’s have a look at some of the unique features of Intellinet’s epc catalogue software –
  • High Scalability & Configurability – Our EPC software offers high scalability and configurability feature. It allows easy configuration with different softwares, platforms etc. as well as individual configuration within just few clicks. In addition, it can easily support the increased load and offers high performance.
  • Security of Data – security of data is one of the most important concerns of companies and our EPC catalogue software offers accessibility with secure credentials only. Thus, only authorized individuals can access the confidential data. In addition, we also follow strict data security policies while creating the software for you.
  • Available on Different Channels – Our EPC catalog software is easily available on different channels which include desktop, mobile, web, CD and DVD. In addition, we also offer Native IOS and Android app for Electronic spare part catalogue Software.
  • Unique Part Search Options – searching the accurate spare part is a challenging task with the manual catalog. However, our digital EPC catalog software makes it possible with just few mouse clicks. All you need to do is to type the part number or VIN number in the search bar. In addition, we also offer unique accidental repair feature which allows you to search the spare part just by encircling the damaged area.
  • Instant Updates – updating a manual catalog is a time-consuming as well as costly task but with Intelli epc catalog software, it becomes cost-effective and instant process. Our digital catalog software allows OEMs to instantly update the catalog by just entering the required information on the server.
  • Automation with ECI & ECN – modification in the design and spare parts are quite common but OEMs need to provide ECI & ECN to dealers in order to inform about such changes. Keeping this requirement in mind, we also offer automation with ECI & ECN. Thus, dealers get to know the changes as soon as they are implemented and OEMs circulate the same without wasting any time or money
  • Integration with ERP, SAP and DMS – Our Digital Catalog Software can also be integrated with ERP, SAP, and DMS. Integrating EPC with such system automates the order placing, order management, stock management, return-order management and a lot more.
  • Storefront for Direct Sales – aftermarket sales is one of the major profit centers for both OEMs and dealers. Thus, to boost the revenue from this profit center, we also provide a storefront to dealers as well as OEMs. It helps them to easily sell the spare parts and accessories like an e-commerce website and reap the maximum profit.

Intelli EPC Catalogue - an overview

Intelli EPC Catalogue is interactive digital parts catalogue software specially designed to meet the digitalizing demands of OEMs and dealers. It digitalizes the spare part catalog making parts management, order management etc. an easy task for the two.
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Intelli Catalogue - An Overview

Intelli-Catalogue is illustrated digital part catalogue software catalog software that automates the creation, deployment & distribution of interactive digital parts catalogue software for complex equipments.

It facilitates efficient installation, operation & lifecycle maintenance of intricate products ...

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