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Automotive Spare Parts Catalogue Software

Every industry faces few challenges and the automotive industry is no exception. It faces challenges with aftermarket sales, spare part differentiation, spare part management etc due to the use of manual parts catalogue. Automotive spare parts catalogue software as a boon to the automotive industry as it helps OEMs to eradicate such challenges. Moreover, processes like parts ordering and returning wrong orders are quite long due to manual catalog and affects the aftermarket sales of the organization. Such problems of OEMs and dealers can be easily solved by part publishing software as it will convert the manual parts catalog into digital format.

Let's have a look atsome more challenges faced by OEMs and manufacturers in automotive Industry and know the role of auto part catalog software in eliminating these challenges.

Challenges faced by OEMs in Automotive Industry

Every vehicle is the assembly of hundreds of small equipments and a single OEM in the automotive industry deals with hundreds of different vehicles. Thus, keeping the track of millions of spare parts turn out to be the strenuous task as well requires expertise on the part of executives. The major challenges faced by manufacturers in the automotive industry are:

Updating spare part catalogue: Updating the spare part catalog turns out to be the time consuming as well as a costly affair as it involves entire reprinting and distribution process.

Ordering of wrong parts: every spare part has a unique part number but this part generally is not known to the dealers. Thus, they have to flip the pages of manual catalog book for searching the same and many times end up ordering the wrong equipment as a part of manual process.

Inefficient communication with dealers: every vehicle introduced in the market has some specific service requirements which need to be communicated to dealers. In addition, manufacturers keeps on modifying vehicle designs, spare part designs etc. for various reasons. Communicating all these to the dealers is another big challenge for the OEMs.

Hindrance in aftermarket sales: as a result of above challenges, aftermarket sales of OEMs is widely hindered. These inefficient and time-consuming processes resist OEMs to reap profit from one of their major profit centers.

How Intellinet's Automotive Spare part catalog Software is helping OEMs?

Intellinet's auto part catalog software is one stop solution for all these issues faced by the OEMs. It is an electronic spare parts catalogue which resolves all the major challenges faced by the manufacturers in automotive industry. Let's see how:

Updates automotive parts catalog software in just few clicks
With auto parts catalog software parts searching will becomes a child play. Just enter the part number with other information and find the part instantly. The publishing of manual catalog into digital will be possible in just few clicks.

Reduces catalogue printing & distribution cost
As stated earlier, printing & distribution of catalogue is a costly affair. However, this auto parts catalog software curtails this cost as well as the cost of re-printing and re-distribution will be incurred by updating the catalogue into digital form. In addition, the maintenance cost of this automotive parts catalog software is very minimal.

Easy and efficient order management process
It also offers easy and efficient order management system which helps the dealers to place order in just few clicks. Dealers can easily find the required equipment via automated search or vehicle diagram and order just by following general ordering process.

Sales Forecasting
Aftermarket sales is one of the major profit centers for OEMs and sales forecasting feature helps in reaping the sales from this profit center. This software analyzes the major demand of dealers which helps in forecasting sale and managing inventory.

Effective Communication with Dealers
Automotive spare parts catalogue software has a special module named service information through which OEMs can at once provide entire information to all the dealers. In addition, there is another module named Field Technical Report which allows dealers to file their issues and executives to resolve the same. Thus, there develops an effective communication amid dealers and the OEMs.

Auto parts catalogue software is a perfect software solution for OEM-s manufacturing -

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