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Parts Order Management Solutions

Software tools are not only meant to make tasks paper-less and quicker, but also for optimizing the business processes, adding flavor to existing business logics with the objective of creating more profit and less expenditure.

What is the most sought after process to connect Manufacturer and Dealer? What's the most cost-effective solution for your manufacturing business?

Answer is Part Order Management Solution, your business needs a fully integrated optimized mechanism which accentuates visibility, provides holistic approach from order creation to fulfillment, ease in use and simple integration with your existing systems.

Intellinet's Parts Order Management Solution, helps you in reaping the benefit with the most advanced state-of-the art Parts Order Management Solution. You can call it an automated part order management software or you can call it a process oriented cost cutting order management tool that connects manufactures with distributors, dealers and customers. This reduction in costs increases the profitability of your sales and the sustainability of your network.

Part Order management software digitalizes the entire spare part ordering process making it error free and an efficient process. Major features of part order management software includes
  • Parts Ordering
  • Order Tracking
  • Custom report for sales forecasting
  • Easy and detailed check out mechanism
  • 3rd Party address validation
  • Order synchronized with Inventory for easy Inventory management system
Parts Order Management Solution makes the ordering process very easy and quick for both the parties i.e. OEMs and dealers. In addition, Integration of Parts Order Management Solution with Intelli Catalogue (Electronic parts catalogue) maximizes your investment and provides you edge over your competition with affordable access to a complete parts sales solution. This means less efforts, more sales, more profit.

What if the situation calls out for an urgent need of spare part which is not in your stock and would take longer time to procure from OEM or other defined sources? Such scenarios can make or destroy Dealer/OEM brands!

We at Intellinet, with 10 years domain experience, understand nitty-gritty of such situations and thus introduce a tool which would embrace such situations and helps you in marking a constructive image with customer and among other dealers. Solution is called Intelli Pooling, an Inventory pooling concept also called as Hub-and-Spoke pooling.

This Web based part management solution would help you see the parts inventory displayed by other dealers; it would let you find the part you are looking for and you can contact the dealer to procure that part. Online parts management solution encourages more sales and also foster cooperation between dealers.

Benefits :-

  • Correct and live information - Dealers get live parts pricing, availability, and order status for up-to-the-minute information affecting purchasing decisions.
  • Saves time - Distributors receive orders electronically, drastically reducing order processing costs.
  • Saves money - Less wrong orders, stripping costs out of the entire supply chain.
  • Integration with Parts Catalogue - save time by avoiding multiple tool use, double order entry.
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