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Parts Return Automation – Overview

Spare parts return is quite a common process but consumes a lot of time and brings no value to the business. Customers/dealers return spare parts due to multiple reasons which include placing a double order, wrong order, receiving a wrong part etc. Parts return process just increases the equipment support cost for OEMs.

To make this process effective and time efficient, we at Intellinet have developed a special module for automating the process of parts return. This automation offers electronic approval for returning the parts considering state laws and other requisites which helps OEMs to minimize equipment support cost without compromising their customer′s (dealer) interests.

Features of Parts Return Automation Solution

Parts return order management solution is specially designed to overcome the issues of parts returning process. Thus, this module has few unique features which make it stand-alone software in the industry. Below listed are the unique features of parts return automation software, have a look −
  • Admin defines rules and right

    This software allows admin to define rules for compliance with state laws which vary from state to state such as restocking fee etc. All these rules and rights are dynamic in nature, thus admin can easily change these rules and rights depending upon the basis of change in policy, state laws etc.

  • Electronic approval of parts return

    Part return process involves approval of various authorized executives at multiple levels which consumes time. However, with this software, approval process gets automated and consumes less time.

  • Fed-ex call tags

    The return shipment cost is paid by the party in default. In case, the return process is initiated due to OEM′s fault, OEM pays the cost of shipment. This software allows the OEMs to make a payment simply by allowing the call tag to the dealer.

  • Barcode packing

    Once the return is approved, a return order is created with a unique return number which needs to be mentioned while returning the part. This software allows OEM to generate a barcode for the return request number which is provided to dealers who further opts for barcode packaging.

  • Integration with part order management solution

    Parts return order software also provides an easy integration with the part order management system. This allows OEMs to find out the part ordering date and check other related details such as warranty etc. in just a few clicks.

Benefits of Automating Parts Return Process

Part return automation not only minimizes the equipment support cost but also benefits OEMs in multiple other ways. Let′s have a look at the other benefits which OEMs enjoy from automating parts return process −

  • Saves Time
    Automation of entire parts return process saves a lot of time of OEMs as well as dealers. Returning spare parts involves multiple callbacks, numerous approvals and a lot more. With parts return solution, all these processes are automated which reduces the need for frequent communication and makes the approval process easy. Thus, it saves the time involved in entire return process and reduces equipment support cost.
  • One Stop Solution For Order And Return
    This software also provides easy integration with parts order management solution. Thus, OEMs as well as, dealers are not required to operate two separate solutions for ordering and returning the part. Integration with parts ordering solution, OEMs can easily get to know the ordering history of the parts which makes the return process more efficient.
  • Complete And Instant Information To Dealers
    This software provides instant information about the parts return process to the dealers. Thus, dealers can easily know the stage of their return with just a few clicks without any requirement for repeat communication.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
    With instant and easy part return services, dealers do not face any hassle in the entire process. In addition, the process is system depended, which decreases the disputes and increases the customer satisfaction.

Parts Return Order Automation is also integrated with parts order management solution serving as a one-stop solution for parts order as well as return. It is not only helping OEMs to save time invested in part returning process and approvals but also allows them to improve their market position by providing efficient customer services. Thus, boosting their aftermarket market sales and improving their brand image in the market.

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