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We're a team of passionate professionals dedicated to developing groundbreaking solutions. We foster a collaborative environment where innovation thrives, bringing fresh ideas to the forefront of the technology  in the aftermarket landscape.


Intellinet Systems is like the seasoned trailblazer in the tech realm, boasting over a decade of expertise. Specializing in aftermarket software solutions for global OEMs, we're the visionaries shaping the future of post-purchase experiences.

But we're not just about the past—we're also pioneers in cutting-edge AI and generative AI technologies. Think of us as the architects of tomorrow's digital landscape, constantly pushing boundaries and redefining what's possible.

We're the trusted guides, leading the charge towards a smarter, more interconnected world.

Core Values of Intellinet Systems

Collaboration and Teamwork
Collaboration and
Integrity and Transparency
Customer-Centric Approach
Innovation and
Continuous Learning and Improvement
Integrity and
Innovation and Exceptionalism
Continuous Learning
and Improvement
Commitment to Excellence
Commitment to
Founder Spotlight

Visionary Behind Intellinet Systems

Meet Our Founder
Naveen Gupta, founder and CEO of Intellinet Systems, is a visionary leader dedicated to creating impactful global products for the automotive and OEM sectors.

His career showcases a commitment to innovation, talent development, and pushing technological boundaries, consistently surpassing industry standards in aftermarket software solutions.
Naveen Gupta
Founder & CEO

Intellinet Systems was one of the few companies shortlisted by the Ministry of Science and Technology for a one-on-one interaction with none other than Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji to showcase our innovative products.

This prestigious platform displays our dedication to advancing technology and contribution to India's dynamic mobility landscape.

Our Vision
We endeavor to be the leading global provider of aftermarket software solutions for OEMs, dedicated to fostering industry-wide innovation. Our vision is to empower OEMs to achieve unparalleled excellence in their aftermarket operations.
Our Mission
Our mission is to deliver comprehensive and tailored aftermarket software solutions to OEMs, empowering them to optimise operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and achieve sustainable growth in the ever-evolving aftermarket industry.

Making a mark, one milestone at a time

Award for Driving Positive Change
Honored to receive an award from Mahindra, USA, for “Driving Positive Change” in 2015, showcasing our commitment to innovation and progress.
Award for Core Value
Acknowledged by Mahindra, USA, for “Core Value” in 2016, embodying our dedication to integrity and excellence.
Award for Alternate Thinking
Recognized by Mahindra, USA, for “Alternate Thinking” in 2018, highlighting our capacity for creativity and forward-thinking solutions.
Forbes India DGEMS 2023
Recognized by Forbes as one of the select 200 companies with global potential

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