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Streamlining aftermarket operations poses challenges for aerospace OEMs. Managing catalogs, part identification, and warranty claims is complex. Additionally, reporting field issues and handling extensive manuals, along with outdated inspection and audit methods, compound hurdles. Manufacturers  are required to comply with numerous standards and certifications, which can increase administrative burdens and operational costs. Complexities in warranty management can also heighten the challenges, especially for international customers and suppliers.
The Road of Challenges

Challenges faced by the Aerospace Industry

Simplify spare part identification and minimize errors in orders

Overlooking spare parts catalog management can pose challenges for OEMs in the aerospace sector. Using manual methods like distributing paper catalogs and managing various versions of both paper and PDF catalogs leads to difficulties in identifying parts and increases the likelihood of errors in orders. This lack of organization hampers efficiency and can result in delays and financial losses for OEM stakeholders.

Improve administrative efficiency by optimising visibility and streamlining workflows for warranty claim process and supplier recovery

Delays in repairs due to faulty warranty processes cause revenue losses. Inefficient warranty claims and supplier recovery lead to extended downtime and increased costs. OEMs face challenges in promptly tracking and resolving equipment issues, impacting customer satisfaction and brand reputation. A major obstacle is the absence of seamless end-to-end warranty management, spanning from claim initiation by the dealer to resolution by the OEM and supplier recovery. This disjointed process results in delays, communication breakdowns, and operational inefficiencies, adversely affecting customer satisfaction and overall profitability.

Resolving decision-making delays due to complex field issue tracking and access to crucial information among stakeholders

The Aerospace industry is hindered by tangled tracking systems and the timely identification of aircraft issues. Without effective tracking of field reports, profitability and productivity are impacted. Untimely identification of these issues leads to not only wasted troubleshooting efforts but also prolongs downtime, further increasing costs, and diminishing customer satisfaction. Inefficient issue management also hampers the OEM's ability to address recurring problems and improve product performance.

Simplifying information dissemination by digitizing extensive PDFs into Interactive html formats

Lengthy product manuals pose challenges for aerospace OEMs in aftermarket operations. These manuals hinder technicians' ability to quickly access necessary information, slowing down troubleshooting and repair processes. The extensive documentation increases the likelihood of errors, impacting operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability, which often results in delays in resolving issues or missing out on crucial information.

Manage  quality concerns and audit challenges in the aerospace sector

Flawed audits and inaccurate inspection processes present significant challenges due to missed quality control issues. Delays in inspections can disrupt production schedules and delivery timelines, leading to missed deadlines and decreased customer satisfaction. Additionally, inadequate auditing procedures may result in quality control issues, impacting brand reputation and regulatory compliance.  Issues such as inconsistent evaluations and limited data capture heighten the challenges.

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