Intelli Manual – AI tool to revolutionize your manuals

Your technicians spends countless hours to reach the desired page of the service manual or operator manual

What If?

We could provide you a AI-Powered Genie who can take you there as you speak

Introducing Intelli Manual

Intelli Manual converts your large and static PDF manuals or documents into dynamic, user-friendly HTML formats allowing users to navigate the manuals with ease.


Notably, Intelli Manual leverages advanced AI technology, delivering quick and accurate responses to user inquiries, making manual access and interaction more efficient and user-centric..


Sneak preview into the remarkable features of Intelli Manual.


Natural Language Interaction


With Intelli Manual, users can engage in a more natural and effortless way. Instead of rigid commands, you can simply type your query or even speak in your everyday language. This user-friendly approach ensures that accessing information from manuals is accessible to a broader audience, regardless of technical expertise.


Multiple Search Functionality


Intelli Manual offers various search options. Users can either search information using within index search, keyword search, within a page search or complete content search. The full text search capability of the Intelli Manual allows users to enter and search for a given keyword within all the pages of a given manual that too instantly.

Advanced HTML Editor


Intelli Manual converts extensive PDF manuals into HTML format. The HTML editor enhances user experience by enabling seamless navigation through chapters and sub-chapters. Users can print specific pages, bookmark essential sections, and zoom in on SVG images without distortion.

Advanced Analytics


Intelli Manual doesn't just facilitate easy access to information; it also provides valuable insights. Through advanced analytics, OEMs can gain a deep understanding of how their users interacts with the manuals.

Experience the power of Intelli Manual in this short video demonstration. Watch how it transforms the way you access and interact with manuals.

Intelli Manual - FAQs

1 What is Intelli Manual, and how can it benefit OEMs?
Intelli Manual is an advanced AI tool that transforms traditional manuals into interactive, user-friendly HTML formats. It benefits OEMs by improving operational efficiency, reducing support costs, and enhancing the customer experience.
2 How does Intelli Manual save time and resources for OEMs?
Intelli Manual saves significant time by providing instant answers to user queries, reducing the need for extensive manual searches and support calls. This efficiency directly translates into time savings.
3Can Intelli Manual help us gain insights into our customer interactions?
Yes, Intelli Manual offers advanced analytics that provide valuable data-driven insights into how users interact with your converted manuals. This data can inform strategic decisions and improve customer support.
4 Is there a learning curve or extensive training required for our staff to use Intelli Manual?
No, Intelli Manual is designed for user-friendliness. Its intuitive natural language interaction and continuous improvement functionality mean that staff can use it without extensive training.

We're committed to helping you streamline your operations, and this is just one way we're delivering on that promise.


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