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Dealer Visit Report – Overview

Replace Your Excel Sheets With Mobile Based Dealer Visit Report Software

What is Dealer Visit Report ?

It’s rightly said “WHATEVER CAN BE MEASURED, CAN BE IMPROVED”. OEMs also follow this judiciously. Almost all the OEMS have predefined parameters for dealer quality audit. On some parameters dealers are audited monthly and some parameters are audited quarterly or annually.

Auditors from OEMs end audit different departments, equipment, services and amenities of authorized dealers.

The purpose of such visit is to ensure total customer satisfaction and at the end of such visits, problem points are noted by auditors and bought into the notice of dealer principal for corrective action. Once corrected by the dealer, a score sheet is created on different parameters, which helps the OEMs to evaluate the dealership and identify areas of improvement.

Limitations Of Manual Process:

  1. Paper Based Process: The response from different departments is captured by the auditors on paper. Since the process is completely manual, auditor cannot pinpoint the problems areas immediately and they need to go back and work to collate all the information collected and prepare a report for any meaningful decision making. Thus a lot of time precious time of auditors is wasted by visiting dealers and collating the information gathered during dealership visit.
  2. Record Keeping: Considering the fact that one auditor is responsible for audit of multiple dealerships on different parameters monthly & quarterly, keeping track of huge data manually is very difficult.
  3. Increased Transportation: Auditors generally work very closely with the dealer principal to rectify any anomalies identified during visit and have to revisit dealerships as per the target resolution time provided by them. Planning and scheduling the revisits along with other planned visits makes it more difficult for the auditors to manage manually.
  4. Non-Customizable: Those using manual system finds it very difficult to roll out changes in the predefined audit criteria. Moreover, OEMs don’t have the flexibility to define different audit criteria for different dealerships.
  5. No Attachment Sharing: In a manual process images and video are the important tools for audit. But in manual processing there is no functionality to enclose them with manual reports if auditor is capturing them in his standalone device as they cannot be used for efficient reporting.
  6. Time Taking Process: Manual process involves spending countless hours for preparation of quarterly and annually summary report for tracking dealer performance.

So, How OEMs Can Make This Process More Effective?

In recent years, competition in automotive industry has become increasingly challenging. OEMs historically invest millions of dollars annually in dealer incentives and ultimately gain market share.
And keeping these trends in mind, Intellinet suggests implementing mobile based dealer visit report (DVR). This is mobile app based functionality prepared by Intellinet to facilitate OEMs. Having this application on board will help OEMs to perform their dealer visit tasks faster.

Benefits Of Mobile Based Dealer Visit Report (DVR)

  1. Digital Entry: As and when the response is captured in electronic dealer visit report app, score against that particular head and the overall score for dealership instantly become visible to the auditor and the same can be shared with dealer principal well in time for corrective action.
  2. Real-time Data: Moment an auditor logs in to the app, system will guide him of the pending audit on monthly or quarterly basis ensuring every audit happens in time.
  3. Online Visit Scheduling: Auto dealer visit report app provides the functionality to auditor to record target date as defined by the dealer principal and alongside auditors can also define the revisit date i.e. the date on which they would like to revisit the dealership to close open points. Once defined, auditors will get the alerts for revisit as soon as he logs into the app on that day.
  4. Customizable: It being an electronic system OEM can dynamically define or change the audit parameters and can introduce new parameters from time to time. Electronic dealer visit report can be configured to show different audit parameter for different category of dealers.
  5. Multi-Functional: Intelli DVR makes it super easy for the auditor to capture and attached images and video alongside their response to any question. Inbuilt tool also provides the facility to annotate the images for easy reference in future. Auto dealer visit report app’s automated image sync algorithm automatically reduces the size of images yet maintaining the quality before syncing the images on the server.
  6. Instant Reporting: Electronic dealer visit report back office module enables OEMs users to generate a report on any parameter captured through the system in the most user-friendly way possible.
With this application you can collect information about the dealers, record details of the parameters that are in your list, capture images and send a summary of report to RSM or other heads in organization instantly.

Mobile based dealer visit report (DVR) offers endless opportunities to give your business an advantage to stay on top. More functionalities and parameters can be added according to the business needs and demands, as the application is fully customizable. Auditors will no longer need to keep records on papers and then transcribe the information on their computer. Dealer data or reports can be downloaded in various formats (Excel, PDF) from the app and can be integrated to various platforms.

Mobile based dealer visit report (DVR) is an enterprise mobility solution that works on both online and offline mode for the auditors to perform dealers audit.

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