Technical Support System

Technical Support System

The Module To Improve OEM - Enable Seamless technical support to your dealer Network

Why Technical Support Module Is Necessary For OEMs?

It is rightly said that problem comes in pair – “means if there is a problem, there must exists a solution for that”.

Considering the above statement to be true, it is important for an OEM to capture, analyze and provide solution to all the problems being faced by their dealer network.

In a wide OEM network there are hundreds of dealer partners, which further have users working at their dealerships. Manually it is not possible to listen to their problems and provide solution to them. This is where technical support module (TSM) from Intellinet, comes into play.

This is Help Desk Software specially designed for OEMs that automates the entire process of problem logging by the dealer to resolution by the OEM and add-on resolution by supplier, as and when required.

Help Desk Software for OEM help dealers or channel partner of OEMs to register any technical complaint and reach out to the service manager before the problem become big and impact the top line of the company.

The entire module is divided into three parts-

  • Technical Assistance Request (TAR)
  • Field Technical Report (FTR)
  • Product Concern

  1. TAR: It is used by dealers to log/register a problem. Any TAR submitted by dealer goes to service manager or any other designated user defined by the OEM, to provide support to the dealer. In TAR dealers has to explicitly specify his complete observations related to problem. Additionally he can supplement a TAR with serial number or VIN number, so that the OEM can co-relate and determine the root cause of problem. On receipt of TAR, service manager try to respond back to as many TAR as possible, with the knowledge and information available at hand. But for the remaining TAR can combine one or more TAR to create an FTR.
  2. FTR: Field technical report provides a comprehensive view of problem to the back office team including the exact problem faced by dealers and the corrective action taken by him. FTR also consists of case details related to different serial numbers or VIN number where dealer is facing the problem. These serial numbers can be or can’t be from the same dealer. The back office team will try to address as many as FTR, with the information available at hand, But whenever, they are not able provide any solution, they can combine one or more FTR to create a “product concern”. All the “product concerns” are thus visible to concerned supplier, ones he logs in into the system.
  3. Product Concern: A product concern provides 360 degree view of the problem apart from the problem described in case details. Facility has been provided in system, where an OEM can also attach additional details like – images, video, PDF to better explain his point.

Intelli TSM Features and Functionality

We hope you must have got an idea of what this software is all about, and how it can help you in managing organizational functionalities better. Have a look at the features and functionalities of this module.

  • Communication Channel: Technical Support Module is also equipped with communication facility, so that OEMs and dealers can connect with one another over messages to facilitate business processing.
  • Prioritize Tasks: With TSM, OEMs and dealers will have the option to prioritize issues when submitting TAR/FTR. Prioritizing the issues will benefit dealers in getting quicker response throughout the major filed problems and thus ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Aging: This functionality allows OEMs to keep a track on any request that has not yet responded to by either dealer or by any OEM and can take an action accordingly. This allows the OEM users to keep a check on the problems which are delayed, so that they can be escalated as required.
  • SLA: Through this functionality stake holders will get to know about the Turnaround Time (TAT) taken by an OEM or supplier to act upon on any request.
  • Color Coding: Facility to color code the TAR/FTR and product concern that have been provided in TSM module. OEMs can define particular color code for TAR/FTR and product concern, which are aged greater than the defined days. Color coding helps the users, track the issues in a more user-friendly and graphical manner.
  • Attachment Facility: Facility to attach multiple kinds of attachments has also been provided in TSM module. A user can attach, excel, word, PDF or any other of document. Attachment section of TSM module is also integrated with our mobile app, so that a user can also attach pictures, images or videos by sinking it with mobile app.
  • Dynamic Setup: Instead of hard coding the parameter into program, logic facility has been provided where admin can dynamically configure the parameters like- maintain request trigger time, real-time reports, limitation of requests to be addresses in a day and many more.
  • Draft Facility: In TSM, requests can also be drafted, that means if any dealer is not able to initiate a request at a particular time, it is possible to draft that request and fill that request form later and send to OEM.
  • Mails Alerts: Mail alert facility has been defined in TSM module, where the mail notifications are sent to dealer and OEM users. On submission of any issue or request mails are generated to both users.
  • Easy Integration: TSM module can be tightly integrated with other products of Intellinet - iWarranty, iWiki and other modules also.
  • Audit Trail: Audit trail has been defined in TSM and system captures all the activities happening on particular TAR/FTR and product concern.

TSM is fully featured help desk software for OEM. The integrated bouncing back ticket mechanism ensures that all the entities concern (dealers, OEMs and suppliers) will be able to see the pending tickets at their ends, from the dashboard itself. So, that ticket can be replied well in time. Everything an OEM or dealer need is available on one simple platform. Not only help desk software in automotive industry will make organization work process more efficient, but its transparency will make the OEMs productive.

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