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Intelli Bulletin

Intelli Bulletin is an end to end solution for communicating the technical information to all its users. It is the module which is specially designed for keeping dealers and distributors updated with the latest technical information, service instructions and a lot more.

With Intelli Bulletin, OEMs can easily circulate all the technical documents to the different users i.e. dealers, distributors, internal users and plant users with just a click. It is also integrated with electronic spare parts catalogue software which synchronizes the information and makes the information easily accessible to all its users.

What is the need for Intelli Bulletin?

OEMs keep on publishing technical documents every now and then for informing dealers, distributors etc. with the latest service requirements, technical changes and a lot more. Keeping a record of the entire technical literature is a big challenge and this crop up the need for a central repository. Intelli Bulletin serves as a central repository for all the technical documents which helps in maintaining the record for future reference.

In addition, It is also required for minimizing the disputes amid dealers and OEMs. Technical documents are created for different warranty claims and dealers as well as the plant needs to go through the document before raising the claim. Once the document is read they cannot deny their awareness of any fact or information and to intimate OEMs about their reading status read reports are generated. This transparency in distribution and access to documents minimizes the conflicts which are only possible with Intelli Bulletin.

Unique features of Intelli Bulletin

Filter and Search Option

Users of the information can easily filter and search any technical document either by using the drop down list or by using the combination search. Drop-down list refines your search based on the option you select while combination search displays the technical document matching the combination criteria in the grid view.

Manual Upload

OEMs need to upload the technical document for updating the users. For uploading a single document, the module has a manual upload option. This feature allows OEM to upload a single document against multiple models.

Matrix Alerts

Few technical documents forms the part of “Must Read” list. To intimate users about the must-read documents, a counter view is provided which indicates the number of unread documents belonging to different literature type.

Bulk Upload

Many times, OEMs have to update multiple documents simultaneously. In such a situation, uploading document one by one is a time-consuming task and to overcome this issue bulk upload feature is provided in the service module. OEMs can easily upload the documents in bulk via pre-defined template which minimizes both time and efforts.

Document Read Report

This module also provides report to the OEMs which showcase the details related to reading the document. This report tells OEM when a particular document was read and by which user. It keeps OEM and the admin informed about the document access for future reference. In addition, this report can also be exported to excel for further analysis or use.

Admin Defined Document Access

Not every technical document is useful for all the users, so admin can define the user of each and every document. Admin can select the users amongst which the document needs to be circulated.

Disclaimer Report

Apart from document read report, OEMs are also provided with the Disclaimer report. This report contains the detailed information about the module access by different users. Just by looking at this report, admin gets to know the type module accessed by different users along with date and time. Just like document read report, disclaimer report can also be exported to excel for further analysis or use.

PDF View of the Document

each and every technical document is updated with a link and the description such as file size, literature type, publication date etc. User gets access to the document by clicking the link which opens in the PDF viewer with multiple advanced features which include search, print, zoom in, zoom out and a lot more

Our Service Information module eradicates the issue involved in updating dealers and distributors with the latest technical literature. Being embedded with numerous modern and unique features, it makes the entire process easier as well as offers numerous other benefits. Few of the major benefits of this module include –

  • Security of Data
  • Instant updates to the entire dealership network
  • Restricted access to the modules
  • Fewer conflicts amid OEM and dealers
  • Facility to define different literature type and a lot more.

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