Simplify the Identification and Ordering of your spare parts with Intelli Catalog.

Intelli Catalog - Spare Parts Catalog Software for OEMs

Intelli Catalog is an illustrated spare parts catalog software that simplifies part identification and ordering for your dealer network.

What is Intelli Catalog?

Intelli Catalog is an electronic spare parts catalog software. It is an illustrated spare parts publishing software that provides a one-stop solution to OEMs for spare parts management and efficient aftermarket sales. It has a modular design with high scalability features and easy-to-use options.

Electronic spare parts catalog software is advanced and automated software designed to replace manual processing, pdf catalog processing, and other processing to make spare part management, and order management as easy as child’s play. This software provides easy search options, auto-update options, and an e-commerce storefront to dealers for effective aftermarket sales.

How does Intelli Catalog Work?

Intelli Catalog is a software system that has systematic data of all the spare parts and accessories which are offered by the concerned OEM. All the information is stored on the server which is easily assessable to OEM via back end and system updates.

A separate module is available for different tasks which makes it easy to operate and update. Unlike manual processing, you can update the latest addition in just a few minutes by filling in the required information. It not only offers an easy update option but also offers numerous unique features which include Order Management, ECI & ECN Automation, an e-commerce facility, and a lot more.

Features of Intelli Catalog

Multiple Search Options

Intelli Catalog is designed to provide OEMs and their dealers with a seamless experience in spare parts management. With multiple search options like VIN/Serial Search, Model Search, Figure Search, and Part Search, your users can efficiently drill down to the exact part for a given vehicle, machine, or equipment. Intelli Catalog offers a user-friendly interface, ensuring precision and ease in the right part identification process.

Effortless Part Supersession Management

Experience effortless part supersession management with our user-friendly system. As parts undergo revisions due to value engineering, Intelli Catalog ensures a seamless presentation, making it incredibly easy for users to identify the right components swiftly. Our intuitive interface simplifies the process, allowing users to navigate through parts revisions with efficiency and precision.

Complete Part Hotspotting and Highlighting with 2D Diagrams

With complete part highlighting, users can easily discern individual components, while the seamless integration with 2D diagrams enhances the overall clarity of the identification process.

Storefront to Dealers and Distributors

Our software also provides storefront for dealers to allow them place correct order in just few clicks. This storefront allows dealers to easily find the accurate parts in no time with the help of part number, assembly diagram etc.

Integration with ERP, DMS etc.

For making the ordering process as easy as an e-commerce website, we also provide facility to integrate electronic spare parts catalogue software with ERP, DMS, PLM, CAD, PDM etc

Order Management and Tracking

Our software not only offers easy ordering process but also easy order management processing. Also, dealers can also track their orders in just few minutes.And no need to repeatedly check with the OEMs to know the status of their order. Just login easily and track their order like an e-commerce website.

All Platforms Availability

The software is available for all the platforms which include Android, IOS, tab, web, CD/DVD, Desktop etc. so the OEMs can use suitable platform. For example, in remote areas where internet is not available CD/DVD or Desktop are the best platforms. To make it accessible, we also offer mobile app for the same.

Strong Data Security

Security of Data is one of the major concerns of companies and we ensure complete security of your data. We not only secure the data of the company but also we completely secure user-related information with the help of advanced security mechanism.

Benefits of Intelli Catalog for the OEMs

We have designed Intelli Catalog keeping in mind the requirement of OEMs for providing them an easy catalogue management system as well as for boosting their aftermarket sales.

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