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Intelli Warranty – Warranty Management System for OEMs

Streamline and Automate your Warranty Claims and Supplier Recovery

Intelli Warranty: Enhancing Warranty Processes for OEMs Worldwide

By leveraging innovative technology, Intelli Warranty, an advanced warranty management system transforms the warranty experience for OEMs, enhancing their overall efficiency. By automating and accelerating the warranty claim process, Intelli Warranty saves time and increases efficiency. Emphasizing a smooth user experience, our software features cross-browser compatibility and a responsive design.

Your warranty process sees unprecedented efficiency gains through reduced costs, simplified claim processes, and a heightened level of optimization. Unlock the revenue potential of your service by embracing Intelli Warranty. Our innovative solution extends its benefits to a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including dealers, suppliers, etc.

An In-Depth Look

Intelli Warranty's innovative approach automates claim generation while flawlessly merging diagnostic device and mobile feed data into claim templates. Its capabilities extend to cover crucial functionalities such as Return Material Authorization (RMA), stock registration, return authorization, live tracking, and more. With Intelli Warranty - Warranty Management Software, you can enhance product quality, expedite claims processing, and effortlessly maintain claims, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Sneak Preview at the features of Intelli Warranty

Multiple Claims

This software provides the facility to generate six different types of claims which include dealer PDI, OEM PDI, Post-sale, campaign, spare part and Goodwill claim. Different types of claim applicable according to the details, andappear in the drop-down list so user just needs to select one accordingly.

Easy Integration with EPC, SAP, SI and Other Modules

Our Warranty Management System can be easily be integrated with other modules such as EPC, SAP, SI and numerous others. Integration with parts order management system allow to get the parts purchase history while generating the claim. In addition, we provide jumper module which provides access to these integrated modules with just a click.

Restricted Access to User

OEM can create multiple Login IDs and define the role as well as access capabilities of different users. In addition, role and responsibility can also be defined on the basis of State, Dealer, Plant, Supplier, Make or Combination of Defined Items, Period, Type of Claim, Model etc.

Work Queue Management

with Intelli Warranty, claims are automatically allocated to processor or supplier on the basis of multiple dynamically defined parameters. OEM can define processors of the different types of claims on the basis of multiple parameters such as designation, roles, area etc.

Return Material Authorization

OEMs can ask for the causal part any time according to need, thus our warranty management system allows OEM to generate RMA at any time after the approval of the claim. Intelli Warranty management software offers multiple ways and pre-defined rules for generating RMA. It is also fully integrated with FedEx and UPS services for call tag generation, live tracking etc. In addition, it also offers advanced facilities such barcode packing, invoice list, scrap note, commercial list, declaration letter, third party address validation, auto update of RMA status and a lot more.

Advance Policy Administration Attributes

OEMs can easily define different coverage definitions, warranty policy, standard repair time, standard labour hours and a lot more. Depending on these pre-defined business rules, the applicability of the claim is decided automatically.

Auto-Generation of Supplier Claim

For every claim generated by the dealer, OEM has to generate the supplier claim manually. Here, supplier claims are automatically generated on the approval of the each and every dealer claim.

Interactive Dashboard

Dashboard of Intelli Warranty management software is very informative as it represents KPIs and fusion charts which helps the user to analyze the data instantly. User can directly know the number of pending claims, part return request, system conflicts etc. Multiple fusion charts are available and all of these can be exported in PNG, JPG, PDF and XML format.

Apart from above-listed features, Intelli Warranty Management Software comes with numerous other features thus making it a one-stop solution for all the warranty related requirements. Other major features of our warranty management software are –

  • Auto mail notification for drafts, pending claims etc.
  • Delete record functionality to help user know about the deleted claims, drafts etc.
  • Pre-defined product rates, labour rates, labour hours for the creation of claim.
  • Multi-currency and Multi-language support.
  • Maintenance of Revision history of parts prices, labour rates, labour hours etc.
  • Audit trail for pre-approval & warranty claim which allows user to know the changes made in claim at any point of time.
  • Claim Forwarding feature which allows other executives to review the claim.
  • Comment for easy communication amid internal and external executives.
  • Auto-generated reports for business analysis and other business related requirements.

So, if you are looking for a single solution to meet your warranty requirements then Intelli warranty management software best for you.


1What is Intelli Warranty?
Intelli Warranty is a comprehensive warranty management system designed specifically for OEMs to manage warranty claims and supplier recovery processes efficiently. It streamlines the entire lifecycle of warranty claims, from submission to settlement, while also optimizing supplier recovery management.
2How does Intelli Warranty(Warranty Management System) help OEMs?
Intelli Warranty(Warranty Management System) automates and simplifies the warranty claims process, reducing manual effort and errors. It also facilitates communication and collaboration between OEMs, dealers, and suppliers, enhancing the claim approval process and recovery process.
3What features does Intelli Warranty offer?
Our Warranty Management Software offers features such as claim submission and tracking, real-time reporting and analytics, automated notifications, supplier collaboration tools, claims audit trails, and seamless integration with existing ERP systems.
4Can Intelli Warranty integrate with our existing systems?
Yes, Intelli Warranty is designed to seamlessly integrate with SAP and other ERP systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your current processes.
5 How does Intelli Warranty improve supplier recovery management?
Intelli Warranty provides a platform for effective communication and negotiation with suppliers, reducing recovery cycle times and improving the overall recovery percentage. This leads to increased cost savings and improved supplier relationships.
6 Is Intelli Warranty customizable to our specific processes?
Absolutely, our Warranty management software is highly customizable to match your OEM's unique warranty and recovery management processes. It can be tailored to suit your specific business requirements and workflows.
7Does Intelli Warranty offer analytics and reporting?
Yes, Intelli Warranty comes with robust reporting and analytics capabilities. It provides insights into warranty claim trends, supplier performance, recovery rates, and other key metrics, helping you make informed decisions.
8Is training provided for using Intelli Warranty(Warranty Management System)?
Yes, training and onboarding support are part of our warranty management system package. Our team will ensure that your staff is well-equipped to use the software effectively and make the most of its features.
9 How secure is the data within Intelli Warranty?
Data security is a top priority. Intelli Warranty employs advanced encryption, access controls, and other security measures to protect sensitive information, ensuring compliance with industry standards.
10What kind of customer support is available for Intelli Warranty users?
We offer dedicated customer support to assist with any questions or issues you may encounter while using Intelli Warranty. Our support team is available to provide timely assistance and ensure a smooth experience.

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