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Ecommerce is defined as buying and selling of spare parts or accessories over Internet. It is generally considered as an e-business sales work. Apart from this, technology has its own myths and facts. More advanced the technology, higher the chance for data theft in ecommerce. In machinery parts eCommerce,car parts eCommerce,construction parts eCommerce, truck parts eCommerce, motorbike parts eCommerce, extruder parts eCommerce, eCommerce for OEMs, e commerce for dealer all the data of manufacturers and dealers is present online. Considering this, it is necessary for manufacturing organizations to control these hacking and malicious activities on web server. However, one can ensure full protection of data servers from attacking by learning some facts and vulnerability of web servers.Since the wide penetration of the Internet, there has been a huge increase in the levels of ecommerce trading. A wide variety of manufacturing commerce is conducted via eCommerce for OEMs, including funds transfer, marketing, order placing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI) and inventory management systems, etc. Also, e commerce for dealer should be careful while integrating with electronic part catalogue software.Security is an important a part of every transaction action that takes place over the web. In machinery parts eCommerce one may also be worried about the security of his data. Like people are scared from online attacks like-

  • Phishing

In eCommerce for OEMs or in online shopping phishing attack targets the user knowledge like login credentials and card numbers. This is done through social engineering, as assaulter create a same entity to deceive a victim into gap associate email, text message or instant message.

  • Transaction Card Fraud

Within eCommerce for OEMs web site, there are multiple vulnerable areas that may act as intrusion point for a hacker to achieve payment and user info. As, through malware, an assaulter can extract the card information and can sell the info to others. Fraud is then committed through e commerce for dealer part sale transactions, ATM withdrawals, etc.

Technical AttacksTechnical attacks are one of the most challenging types of security agreements that are faced by machinery parts ecommerce industry. Criminals of technical attacks, and especially denial service attacks, typically target sites or services hosted on high profile web servers, such as banks, credit card payment gateways, and some big retailers.Denial of Service AttacksDenial of Service (DoS) attack consists of overwhelming a server, a network or a website in order to paralyze its normal activity. In ecommerce for OEMs defending against DoS attacks is the most challenging task, as major difficulty is in thwarting these attacks is to trace the source of the attack, as they often use incorrect or fraudulent IP addresses to hide the actual origin of the attack.ICMP Flood (Smurf Attack) In this type of attack, attackers send large numbers of IP packets with the source address faked to appear to be the address of the victim. The bandwidth of the network is used quickly, prevents legitimate packets from reaching their destination.Teardrop AttackA teardrop attack involves overlapping, over-sizing, sending mangled IP pieces with payload on target machine. TCP/IP fragmentation of various operating systems causes re-assembly codes to handle one of the bug pieces improperly, resulting in them being crashed.Cyber ​​security is one of the most important aspects of ecommerce for OEMs portal. Without the appropriate protocol, online retailers put themselves and their customers at risk of payment fraud. Due to insufficient internet security from cyber criminals, even smaller stores may face machinery parts ecommerce security risks.But in ecommerce for OEMs set of protocols safely guards e commerce transactions. As, tight security necessities should be there to safeguard firms and end customers also from threats like card fraud, or they risk jeopardizing revenue.Things kept in mind before designing Intelli machinery parts e commerce for dealer, manufacturers and OEMs:

  • Confidentiality: Under ecommerce for OEMs portal information will not be accessible to an unauthorized person. It will not be intercepted during the transmission.
  • Authenticity: E commerce for dealer portal provides mechanism to authenticate user before giving him/her an access to the information they asked for.
  • Integrity: Information will not be altered during its transmission over the network.
  • Non-Reputability: Ecommerce for OEMs data protection against the denial of order or denial of payment. Once a sender sends a message, he will not be able to send the message. Similarly, the recipient of message will not be able to deny the receipt.
  • Availability: Information will be available wherever and whenever required within a time limit specified.
  • Encryption: The encoding has been done to ensure the data can be securely relayed over the internet. This is the most effective methods in mitigating ecommerce security risks to safeguard data integrity.
  • Audit ability: In ecommerce for OEMs portal, data will be recorded in such a way that it can be audited for integrity requirements.

High Level eCommerce Security FeaturesIntelli eCommerce for OEMs and dealer has an arsenal of built-in security features dedicated to mitigating e-commerce threats. Here are some of the popular protocols used in this e commerce portal for secured online transactions:

  • Multi-Layer Security for Spare Parts

To secure e commerce for dealer and manufacturer business safe from cybercriminal activity multi layer security is there for manufacturing OEMs. It is the best way to keep your business safe from cybercriminals. "It includes firewalls, an essential aspect in stopping attackers before they can breach your network and gain access to your critical information." Next, layers of security to the website and applications like login box, contact form and search query.

  • Transaction Monitoring

All transactions will be under monitoring to detect suspicious activity. An alert system is there to flag potential threats like a billing address and shipping address not matching, or multiple orders being placed by a single user with different debit/credit cards.

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)It is the most commonly used protocol and is widely used across the online industry. It meets the security requirements given below and here in machinery parts ecommerce portal this is successfully implemented.
  • Authentication
  • Encryption
  • Integrity
  • Non-reputability
  • CVV Protection

Card Verification Value (A three- or four-digit code on the back of a credit/debit cards), protection is there in order to make security more tight. Also, machinery parts ecommerce portal can’t store this value for future use as with customer name and other details. A fraudulent transaction can’t be processed now.

  • Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (SHTTP)

In e commerce for manufacturer SHTTP extends the HTTP internet protocol with public key encryption, authentication, and digital signature over the internet. It supports multiple security mechanism, providing security to the end-users. It works by negotiating encryption scheme types used between the client and the server.

  • System Alerts for Suspicious Activity

E commerce for dealer portal sends an alert notice for multiple and suspicious transactions coming through from the same IP address. Similarly, alerts for "multiple orders placed by the single person from different credit cards, phone numbers that are from markedly different areas than the billing address and orders where the recipient name is different than the card holder name."

  • Tracking numbers for all orders

A special machinery parts ecommerce platform that gives the facility for tracking numbers for every order send out. This is especially important for dealers who drop ship.

  • DDoS Protection

With the DDOS [distributed denial of service] increasing attacks in the range of frequency, sophistication and target, ecommerce for OEMs site is loaded with cloud-based DDOS security and managed DNS services to handle operational mitigation and eliminate the need for significant investment in equipment and to provide transaction capacity, Infrastructure and expertise.In the end, one may conclude that ecommerce for OEMs industry facing a challenging future in terms of security risks, solution of which should be availed. With increasing technical knowledge, and its widespread availability on the internet, criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated in the deceptions and attacks they can perform. Novel attack strategies and vulnerabilities only really become known once a perpetrator has uncovered and exploited them. In saying this, there are multiple security strategies which any ecommerce for OEMs provider can instigate to reduce the risk of attack and compromise significantly. Awareness of the risks and the implementation of multi-layered security protocols, detailed and open privacy policies and strong authentication and encryption measures will go a long way to assure the consumer and insure the risk of compromise is kept minimal.The benefits of ecommerce for OEMs are many but creating a right user-friendly ecommerce portal is also an art. Intellinet can ease your trouble with its product, like construction parts ecommerce, tractor parts ecommerce, machine parts ecommerce, truck parts ecommerce, motorbike parts ecommerce, car parts ecommerce and heavy machinery parts ecommerce portal available for manufacturing industries to boost sales of their spare parts. For more details, you can contact us at www.intellinetsystem.comFor more queries about the software please click here

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