Best Integrated Webinar Module (EPC) For Automotive OEMs

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Webinar is a vital strategy for B2B OEMs and a lot of OEMs are turning to it for expanding their reach.  Webinars give the chance to OEMs to build a more personal relationship with their dealers, end customers and make their brand reach more people.

Basically, webinars are the next step in marketing. Specifically, they’re simple online video workshops. They’re the best way to build credibility, save time, arrange meetings and online registration of those meetings. With the right platform and great content, OEMs can convert webinars into a sales tool.

For automotive OEMs, webinars can be the key to stay ahead in competition.  Through webinar OEMs can have real conversation with their authorized dealers at remote location and can discuss business plans, announce offer, demonstrate any new technology and much more. In a simple way we can say webinars are intimate, and direct and most importantly, they’re effective.

Intellinet webinar module has been launched as per advanced standards, especially for automotive OEMs. It is much like go to meeting software, still a lot different in terms of features and usability. Its functionality makes it different from others.  Once OEMs have got the basics down, you can set up a webinar in seconds.

Business automation has become the new norm, and Intellinet hopes to make it accessible to automation sector. With Intellinet webinar module, both live and on-demand webinars are possible, also OEMs will be able to organize streams in a beautiful online format, making it affordable and feature-packed webinar software.

Intellinet webinar module is a part of electronic part catalogue software. OEMs that are already using EPC software must be aware of quality standard of Intellinet software, so this webinar is the result of deep R&D on automotive sector needs. Look what OEMs can do with webinar module -

Online Scheduling

Use Intellinet webinar tool to give your clients a simple way to schedule training sessions, group meetings just with a single click. No more phone calls, no emails, just activate the link and dealers will get to know about the schedule.

Manage Availability

OEMs can create events link and can also activate seat registration link.

Share Event Link

OEMs can share their scheduled event link on social media or private networks and let their clients and followers know about scheduled event, process and schedule.

Manage Meetings

With webinar module there is no tension of back and forth reminders. No more peeping into OEM calendars to keep a track of events. And also there will be no overlapping of meetings.

Group Training Session

For OEMs scheduling training sessions have never been so easy. But with Intellinet webinar module they can schedule the whole process online, like -trainer, set number of attendees, date and time and with one click can send it to all.

Let’s have a look at features of Intellinet web platform:


Webinar module gives the option of online chat in real-time.

Tracking process is advanced, with attendee’s behavior tracking.

Email and SMS reminders are included.

The tracking is excellent for seeing who attend the webinar and what they want and much more.

The process for creating a live webinar is simple and can be customized according to need.

The advanced scheduling feature let’s OEMs mark calendar down and even automatically block special holidays.

In case you wish to take a free demo of the software or want to ask any question, just connect to

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