How can White Goods Part Catalogue Assist in Sharing Parts Details with Customers?

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Digital catalog enables OEMs to share it with dealers and customer at multiple platforms.

An OEM needs to make its product reach to various dealers and customers to increase business reach and generate revenue. A dealer may differ from another as per the type of parts they are dealing. Here, in this article we will talk about white goods manufacturers, OEMs and dealers.

In the traditional scenario there are various options to share product info with channel partners. An organization may display products through, face-to-face interaction, through email, telephonic conversation, or printed paper catalog.

But as the world is changing very fast they should adopt the latest technology to stay ahead in the competition.

Limitation In Sharing On Paper Catalog

In paper-printed catalog, OEMs needs to print separate catalogue for separate dealer as they don’t want to share one’s business details with another dealer.

Another scenario is, if an OEM doesn’t want to reveal info about all the parts then they need to print separate catalogue for each. Also, to share this paper catalogue OEMs need to post this or send any representative from company to personally hand it over to the client. This result in time and money lose. One more drawback of manual catalog is that it’s impossible to edit it in a situation of price change. In such situation also, OEMs will reprint the catalogs and physically deliver them to dealers to make them aware as early as possible. Such process can waste a huge amount of money.

Share Digital Catalog Using Mobile App

This spare part catalog publishing tool can rationalize the sharing of parts information in a manufacturing business. Save valuable time and money that was wasted in catalog reprinting, updating, and sharing. Every organization has its own strategy to market product. An organization doesn’t need to prepare separate catalogue for each person to sell them the products.

This is the best medium of sharing specific parts information. White goods part catalogue software offers a dynamic portal with which OEMs and dealers can update any spare part info anytime and can instantly share it with multiple users. Also, part details can be shared to an individual person very easily. Open the app and choose a particular spare part and click the share icon on your mobile phone. Now, select individual from your contact list with whom you want to share this information and click send info to them. The person who will receive the info can view the specific part details without having catalog app in their device.

Make Trade Easy

White goods part catalogue is accessible anytime and anywhere through mobile app. Dealers can also input information in offline mode and can update the same whenever they get access to internet.

It is a simple task to update part design in White goods part catalogue and get the updated catalog instantly. As, order capturing and delivery of items never been easier for manufacturing sector, this software offer e-commerce facility where users can place order directly through the app and can track it until delivery.

Need For Digital Catalogue In Business

Different manufacturing sectors have difference catalog formats. The purpose of a catalogue is to exhibit the products and services than an OEM is offering. A well updated catalog must have the potential that can entice the target customers.

White goods part catalogue is the incredible software that provides you an inclusive component of manufacturing business. With this catalog OEMs can weave their thoughts easily and can convey them to the target customers easily. Adopting such software will surely make the brand image shine as it hugely depends on work process and customer service of organizations.   For more details about the same or if you want a free demo of the software, just connect to

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