How Tractor OEMs Can Gain Profit With Tractor Parts Catalog Software?

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Spare parts OEMs nowadays are spending hundreds of hours to optimize the user experience and gain customer loyalty. Like here we are talking about tractor parts OEMs, but the scenario in every field is same that manufacturing units share parts details through printed catalogue with their customers and dealers. These manual catalogs play an important part in the system and hampers the customer experience. But what if there is any change in any part design or price, how OEMs will notify this to dealers at any remote location?

In such situation comes a desperate need for digital parts catalog software which can revolutionize the customer experience. It will also help in enhancing the customer loyalty.

With the evolving digital advancement in technology, a huge transformation has come in the expectation of the customers as well. The OEMs are now compelled to offer interactive and digital experiences to the dealers and customers. An easy path that can lead to purchase of spare part without any hassle and also can provide instant support, this positive user experience will surely help OEMs to retain customers.

Some of the Other Features From the Digital Parts Catalogue Software Are:

  1. Optimized user experience on mobile devices, which can attract customer towards making an instant purchase decision.
  2. Instant support to customers and ensure better serviceability.
  3. Offer updated list of products and related details of the product.
  4. Consumers can place direct order to purchase any part.
  5. Collect feedback related to the spare parts.
  6. Digital Catalog instantly available on web without any special       hardware.
  7. Mobile application for Android & IOS users.

Furthermore, digital parts catalogue can also offer analysis of the spare parts that are readily moving. It helps in planning and strengthens the supply chain for better serviceability.

In addition to this, tractor parts catalogue can store unlimited data related to multiple spare parts of multiple tractor brands. This enables the dealers and customers to develop a thorough understanding of the product before making a purchase decision. OEMs can also use it generate great insights by gauging trends and analyzing customer behavior.

Few simple questions that can also be addressed by usage of tractor parts catalogue are:

  • Which spare parts are more in demand?
  • Which spare parts have high bounce rate in every geographical market?
  • Which spares have long life and can sustain longer in the market?
  • Which parts are in demand repeatedly and require shorter replenishment time?

These questions can be answered using the data collected through the software and will surely help OEMs in making the right strategy.

Another major problem that can be addressed by tractor parts catalog is collection of data from the remote areas in the offline mode. The data can be synced with the main application using internet later.

Tractor parts catalog is the tool of the future and an irreplaceable sales enablement tool.

Tractor parts catalog is an amazing application which offers holistic solution and addresses all the problems, encountered by the OEMs and dealers. The primary function is converts the manual catalogue of OEMs into digital format which helps in simplifying the business process. Other feature includes- capturing part sales data, gather market feedbacks, customer record and notify about the changes on real time basis.

Furthermore, users can upload details and image of parts required if the required part is not available at that moment. Moreover, OEMs can track part location that results in delightful customer experience.

Tractor parts catalog can work in offline mode on mobile and tablets, wherein data can be synchronized later. This helps the OEMs to collect valuable data without any complicated market research and present information to customers in real time. For more details about the software or if you need a free demo of the software, connect to

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