How Does The Intellinet’s Parts Catalog Software Help You!

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The parts catalog software has proved to be a game changer for the manufacturing industry. It has successfully replaced the manual catalogs which were earlier used. The selling of spares i.e., aftermarket sales is one of the major profit centers for OEMs and dealers which was till now neglected. But with the technological revolution in the field of spare parts management the aftermarket sales and services has seen a major boost in recent years. The digitalization of the manual catalogs has opened the door further in this direction. Let’s have a look at exactly what the parts catalog software do for us.Customized Catalogue Creation

  • Our parts catalog software is one of the state of the art technologies flexible enough to incorporate newer features.
  • It provides a one-stop solution to OEMs for their spare parts management and efficient aftermarket sales.
  • Updation and modifications can be easily done.
  • The part lists are automatically connected with pictures and drawings.
  • The hotspots are automatically placed in pictures and drawings.
  • Benefit from Single platform data publishing.
  • The data formats (hierarchical parts lists, basic data, drawings, photos, pixel and vector graphics, prices) can be easily imported.
  • The utility tool allows the user to upload data from various sources.
  • The parts catalogue is available for print, in CDs, internet, tablet PCs and smart phones.

Single Platform Data Publishing

  • 24/7 availability.
  • Continuous updation with minimal effort is possible.
  • Machine specific and customized part catalogues are available within one mouse click
  • No multiple data processing (since all the required data is available at one place).
  • All data changes are incorporated automatically.
  • Catalogue preview available.
  • The software is available on different platforms like Android, IOS, tab, web, CD/DVD, Desktop etc.
  • Mobile app is also there for easy accessibility.

Easy Spare Parts Identification

  • Easily navigate through the parts making search of the right part easier.
  • No special IT knowledge required.
  • Availability of alternate parts (in case the required part is out of stock).
  • Fully supported with assembly drawings (2D) and the graphics and has advanced search features.
  • Knowledge of Windows is sufficient to operate the system.
  • The catalogue is available in different languages.

Electronic Order Management

  • Orders can be placed directly from the parts catalogue.
  • Error free order management.
  • Faster order processing.
  • All the requisite information is available at one place so easy to order.
  • Better inventory management.
  • Increase in sales of spares and accessories.
  • Fewer queries are generated.
  • The items are added to the shopping cart and forwarded via mouse click.

After sales Service Optimization

  • The data import and data preparation is automated through parts catalog software.
  • All the relevant data is organized at one place making data handling an easy task.
  • There is the facility of live order tracking which reduces the time otherwise wasted in repeated communications with dealers.
  • Fewer queries are generated.
  • No duplicate or redundant works since all the processes are automated.
  • Easy access to information as and when required.

Integration of data sources with leading systems such as CAD, DMS etc

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