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Online shopping is influencing every sector, so how can the manufacturing industry lag behind? Purchasing spare parts online has become the norm, and recent studies show that e-commerce for OEMs, manufacturers, and dealers is also necessary to know consumers well in order to grow business in this field.

The success of any business doesn’t solely depend on the quality of its products; there is a range of other factors at play. One of the most important factors is how B2B eCommerce software can help in increasing OEM's product marketing and sales. E-commerce is one of the things that can boost the marketing of products without any external promotion, as people today look for easy and convenient ways to get products delivered to them as soon as possible.

Intellinet took this as an opportunity by launching e-commerce for OEMs, e-commerce for the dealer, construction parts e-commerce, tractor parts e-commerce, machinery parts e-commerce, truck parts e-commerce, car parts e-commerce, and heavy machinery e-commerce portal so that their respective products can be open to the world market through this. Also, the machinery parts ecommerce portal comes up with a dealer locator feature that makes it different from others. The feature helps as if the manufacturer has dealers or distributors at remote locations, then a dealer locator will make it easy for end customers to find the nearest online e-commerce for dealers and order products.

The ecommerce for OEMs portal has been launched according to the business functioning of manufacturing industry OEMs and dealers. Moreover, the machinery partsecommerce portal is perfect for selling spare parts online and making them easily available to end customers, workshop mechanics, etc.

Machinery parts ecommerce for OEMs, dealers, and aftermarket OEMs, is a centrally hosted SaaS solution that delivers high-quality and dependable results. A different experience is delivered via a high-speed cloud-based server network.

The machinery parts ecommerce portal is designed with cloud server technology, the most advanced locator system ever developed. And, using high-performance web servers, and advanced Solid State Drives (SSD), to ensure power delivery structure, so that customers can locate e-commerce for dealers easily.

What is an E-commerce Dealer Locator?

Dealer locator in e-commerce for dealer portal gives a way to automobile parts ecommerce or motorbike parts ecommerce OEMs that a visitor can find and buy their products quickly and easily. It gives the capability to boost sales of automotive ecommerce OEMs and deliver a personal experience to end customers. Once the locator is integrated with ecommerce for OEMs, it will be easy for end customers to find the nearest dealer to their location. Moreover, it will benefit both i.e. customers and dealers. Customers can place the order fast and the dealer can deliver the ordered products as soon as possible to the location of the customer.

How E-commerce Portal Works In Manufacturing Industry

Here's how a sophisticated, fully computerized machinery parts ecommerce system works. The working of this e-commerce system is different from other general e-commerce portals as it is only for the sale of spare parts and accessories and is available to OEMs, manufacturers, dealers, and end customers:

  • At first, customers go to any specific manufacturer's e-commerce for dealers and search for the dealer nearest to their location.
  • After enabling the location system, the portal will show the nearest dealer available and the customer can now look for the parts he needs.
  • After this customer needs to add selected parts to a cart and submit the order.
  • Now, as the customer tries to book an order online, the web browser queries the database to find out whether what the customer demands is actually in stock.
  • The stock database confirms parts in stock and suggests a delivery date when supplies will be received from the dealer.
  • Now, the web server confirms the order details to the dealer, and the order manager continues to process it.
  • Now, it connects with a third-party merchant system to confirm payment using the customer's debit card or credit card.
  • The merchant system communicates with the bank to confirm whether the customer has sufficient funds in their account or not.
  • After confirmation merchant system authorizes the transaction to go ahead.
  • Now, the order manager confirms to the user about a successful transaction and also notifies the same to a web server.
  • The web server shows the customer a web page confirming that the transaction is successful and an order for spare parts has been placed.
  • Now, from the dealer end, the order manager sends a request to the warehouse with part details to dispatch the goods at the respective location.
  • The dispatch firm collects the goods from the warehouse and delivers them to the assigned address.
  • After dispatch customer gets a message that the products are out for delivery.
  • Finally, goods are delivered to the customer.

Note: In case the consumer wants to return the received product, then the return option is also available on the screen.

eCommerce for OEMs

How E-Commerce Portal Will Be Beneficial?

No doubt machinery parts ecommerce will open up all kinds of new opportunities. Now any equipment manufacturer can set up an online ecommerce for OEMs store and start trading within a matter of minutes. E-commerce for dealers is also there and it will also threaten many traditional ways of doing business. When there is a rush and the real-world market will not be able to deliver parts easily, people will naturally spend time on online stores for faster delivery. Ecommerce for the manufacturer will help them to keep an eye on the behavior of their buyers and customize their products according to need.

They can retarget their customers online with the same products or new products with the help of their past browsing history. This e-commerce dealer portal will allow manufacturers to reach the global market segment and increase their sales meanwhile decreasing the investment costs.

The most important benefit of this portal will be its availability 24*7/365. It will help ecommerce manufacturer increase their sales by boosting the number of orders. However, ecommerce portal will also be beneficial to the customers, as they can purchase spare parts according to their needs irrespective of date and time. This article highlights what is best in online ecommerce for OEMs and dealers. There is a lot more to know about machinery parts ecommerce like it offers:

One Click Result

Most users look for dealere-commerce nearest to their location. So, this ecommerce for OEMs portal gives the facility to search for the nearest dealer according to their location. This type of experience leaves a great impact on users as with zero clicks they exactly get what they need.

Call to Action

After getting the search results and selecting the nearest dealers on the portal, ecommerce for OEMs will show the stock available so that users can directly select the desired spare parts and order them accordingly. This step will continue the user engagement that is built through e-commerce for dealer location searches.

Mobile Friendly

If any e-commerce dealer locator lacks a good mobile interface, it is confirmed that it will disappoint a large number of users. So, this ecommerce for OEMs is designed in a mobile-friendly way that locates the stores correctly, and also size will fit the device screen on which it has been loaded, whether it is an Android, Windows, tablet, or iOS device.

Intellinet ecommerce for OEMs portal for equipment manufacturers, OEMs, and dealers allows everyone to buy spare parts independently, directly, and immediately.

The move reflects, the company's culture of continuous innovation in the manufacturing sector and extending all its services to customers worldwide, especially for ordering and replacing spare parts immediately. Ecommerce for manufacturers is the latest step in that process, giving all customers unprecedented access and convenience, backed by assured quality and on-time delivery. For the Intellinet system, it is vital that customers benefit from evolving technology, not only in terms of product development but also service.

Intelli ecommerce for OEMs portal provides access to spare part catalogs online and also enables customers to check prices and availability before ordering using an intuitive, easy-to-navigate platform.

The new portal is supportable to all, like it can be truck parts ecommerce, construction parts ecommerce, extruder parts ecommerce, heavy machinery parts ecommerce, motorbike parts ecommerce, etc., and has been designed to ensure that customers can have immediate, simple access to the extensive range of spare parts, of whichever equipments they need and wherever in the world they are based. Also, through ecommerce for OEMs portal, customers will be able to track their orders online and rely on a streamlined retail service that saves time and offers fast delivery of proven components.

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