Part Highlighting Feature Introduced In Electronic Part Catalogue

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It is accepted that ordering the correct part is one of the most daunting tasks for organizations after implementing part management software too. Managing large amounts of data brings the possibility of errors at different levels. Such errors can impact the image and overall functioning of an organization.Current Trend In OEMs The current trend of OEMs involves manual part ordering. Customers just tell the part number, serial number, model of the automotive to the dealer and this is how the parts are ordered. The challenge of manual approach is its failure to integrate with one another in business processes. Several other negative implications include cost mismanagement, customer get wrong part, long time process, customer dissatisfaction and quality issues. Business ChallengeThe organization was exploring options to enhance its automotive parts business by scaling the existing processes. One of the processes that needed immediate improvement is part ordering system. As the process was previously managed through a manual system, it hampered revenue tremendously.Problems OEMs and Dealers Face:

  • Often wrong part ordering due to manual ordering system.
  • Not getting the complete info of the part. As, a person is not aware about part by image but software click on part number only and not the image.
  • No, automated communication channels were present, which led to process errors.
  • Number of complain for wrong parts.
  • Request for part cancellation or returning.

As a corrective measure, and to improve product quality, customer satisfaction, and profitability, the organization decided to implement advanced electronic part catalogue software loaded with advanced part ordering feature.

electronic part catalogue

The Solution An electronic part catalog with advanced predictive techniques was implemented so that customer can get the correct spare part for their vehicle. It contains part highlighting feature that is unique in itself. The part highlighting feature makes the person able to search for the specific part in the software and if he doesn’t know about the exact part, he can just click the image, highlight that area and can send it to the OEM through mail or by clicking the image in the mobile also. The solution provided rich functionality in part ordering, inventory management, time-saving, reduced cost of labour and most important. Following are some of the key benefits:

  • Part Highlighting Option i.e. hotspot feature is available.
  • Can send the highlighted part image through mail or by clicking it into mobile.
  • On highlighting the part one will get backend admin marking tool, where one can mark the specific part in the clicked image. This can be done after proper training.

After implementing electronic part catalog the results are outstanding as 95% of ordering issues were resolved. According to several OEMs and dealers report part ordering through this channel get increased by more than 60%. Also, this can save half of the stock of any OEM or dealer that was ordered wrongly due and was over stocked.The client experienced a series of business benefits such as effective cost, time saving, saved huge amount that was used in manual processing, like amount used in part ordering and if got the wrong part then they need to send it through any transportation medium, money calculated in that. The new system is flexible, easy to maintain, and highly scalable for future business enhancements. Conclusion: Software like electronic part catalogue with capabilities like part highlighting feature are vital. Also, simple and automated interface with back-end intelligence, able to integrate into the rest of technology setup of the user, is unique in itself. This type of software can boost the whole process and improves brand image.If you need a demo please click here

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