The Future of Spare Parts OEMs: Challenges and Opportunities of 3D Parts Catalog Software

Intellinet Systems
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For manufacturing OEMs, storing, and shipping spare parts is the toughest task that requires a lot of time to invest and still there are various difficulties that cost them heavy. Maintaining spare parts inventory is extremely difficult tasks through manual methods, even some dealers stop dealing with OEMs. The only solution to deal with the situation is 3D parts catalog software. This is the digital part publishing software that will change everything. This additive technology will enable OEMs to manage and supply parts according to demand. OEMs now don’t need to print manual parts catalogue, as digital catalogue will be updated automatically.

According to a survey 3D parts catalogue plays a major role in the spare parts manufacturing business. However, if everyone is not aware of all the benefits of 3D parts catalogue software, by reading this article they will get to know about it.

This is “smart manufacturing” tool that can revolutionize OEMs operational and administrative processes. Due to cutting-edge competition in technology and data management on strategic and operational procurement, every OEM ultimately requires strategy to take on challenges.

In manufacturing field industries need digital innovation to work today. Also, revenue comes from selling spare parts, but the percentage of revenue shifts due to various technical reason and business management process.

OEMs should focus on building long-term relationships with dealers and customers. As, customer demands are increasing, in terms of better services, they need real time updates for everything, etc., the OEMs must find the easier ways to quickly offer services and that too with remote access facility . The manual parts catalogs, doesn‘t offer all such facilities, that’s why it is time for 3D parts catalogue software. As previously, the time taken to deliver a spare part was 3 to 4 days. But today with this new technology, dealers and customers just need to simply enter the part number, and can place order via mobile app or laptop. Within shortest time possible the product will be delivered to customer doorstep and also this online software will reduce the chance of wrong part ordering. Still, if any problem occurs they can place a replace part request.

Also, in manual catalog the most important step is of required spare part, because it always contains maximum spare parts of the product line. For one component there could be different spare available and differences barely visible to the naked eye. The service technician waste a lot of time in searching the correct spare part from the available options. But with new 3D parts catalogue software this time of part search manually can be saved easily.

Also, OEMs receive orders for spare parts through various channels, that process is also very time-consuming documents processing through manual method is also time-consuming because they need to prepare separate list for every person according to assemblies and components.

In OEMs there are separate departments for various works, in modern method they can coordinate with one another very easily which was not possible in manual work process.

Also, representation of spare part drawings and changes can be done instantly on the portal and OEMs can bring products to market as fast as possible. 3D spare parts catalogs are designed by keeping in mind the needs of today’s OEMs. In order to accelerate the management of spare parts, eliminate manual editing process this software can play an important role.

If you liked the software and want to take a free demo of the software, feel free to connect on

NOTE: 3D part catalogue software is developed by Intellinet systems. It is a part publishing platform that publish manual catalogue of OEMs into digital form. Company doesn’t provide any type of spare part data of any organization.

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