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Unlike the four-wheeler and two-wheeler, three wheeler spare part markets have also grown rapidly in past few years. As market is growing rapidly, OEMs, dealers, after market manufacturers and customers are also increasing day by day. Customers expect fast and reliable services but OEMs and dealers are relying on their old, manual and time consuming process. The manual work for parts keeping, parts management, record keeping, stock maintenance, etc. All these work are very time consuming and chances of error are high into the manual process. Also, physical labour work is there that increases the cost of the OEMs and manufacture. If, looking for a solution then, Three Wheeler part catalog by Intellinet systems is the only solution for OEMs, aftermarket manufacturers and dealers.The catalog is fully automated and able to do all the manual process in a digital way. Intellinet has achieved a respectable position in automotive software industry. Known for its expertise in all types of high quality software that has been developed in its nearly twelve years of solid experience. And in delivering finest results, Intellinet goes beyond the usual by providing a holistic quality catalog system, effectively addressing the needs and specification of its clients.Three wheeler part catalog offers complete list of parts and accessories for all the auto rickshaw, tricycle, motorized tricycle, motor trike vehicles out there. The catalog contains detailed information about parts, accessories and parts order management.The automated catalog offer simple functioning for searching the correct spares according to part name, serial number and model.The catalog software is designed to run on a personal computer or laptop or through mobile. Also, the interface of catalog is quite simple that a person with little technical knowledge can easily operate it. Also, Three Wheeler part catalog supports various languages and provides the real time data to the user.The auto rickshaw parts catalogue software has various unique features that make it much needed software. With the help of software, one can find the parts easily into an inventory and also can keep history or can check parts history at any time, user interface can be customized easily, customer records can be saved. The three wheeler parts catalog have hot spotting feature, where a parts can be directly searched by directly clicking of the image and on double clicking the part will be automatically added to the cart. One can also click the image of the part with the help of mobile in the auto rickshaw parts catalogue, and later the image can be sent to OEM in case of a reference document. Also, zoom in option is available on parts diagram. The software provides complete information needed to ensure accuracy.In the Three Wheeler part catalog numerous parts info can be added. The catalog is capable to send information report through portal and by email also. Also, three-wheeler OEMs and dealers can contact with one another on the portal. The catalog can contains detailed product information of different spare parts.Some top class functionalities of three wheeler part catalog:

  • Complete Part Highlighting: Through this feature OEMs can increase accuracy in identifying correct part, so there will be automatic decrease in part returns.
  • Parts Image Marking Tool: With this backend image drawing marking tool, user will be able to add parts himself in the catalog. This with save the cost of extra labour and also reliability on client.
  • Mobile friendly Interface: One can order parts through accessing website on mobile phone, without using parts catalog app. This will result in increasing sales of the company.
  • In this catalogue new fields can be added through part number that will make parts search accuracy very easy.
  • The auto rickshaw parts catalogue can save time as it offer super fast and data is loaded very easily.
  • It’s a value for money EPC software.
  • One most unique feature that is available in this catalogue is accidental repair estimation software that will help dealers to estimate cost and repair accidental vehicles easily.
  • Apart from these features, many more functions are available in this software.

The auto rickshaw parts catalogue from Intellinet is available for electric & diesel engines of three wheelers. With the help of this catalogue, OEMs and dealers can fulfill the needs of customers in an effective way and also automated process will give them time to focus on more core areas of business. The company offers three wheeler part catalog for different models of auto rickshaw, electric rickshaw,tempo and other all types of auto rickshaw.The organization is among leading whole-sellers and exporters of auto rickshawspare parts catalogue. Intellinet is dedicated to its valued clients, starving hard at every stage to offer its clients with high precision and quality software at a most competitive and reasonable price.NOTE: Intellinet do not provide parts catalogue software solution to any kind of workshop or workshop dealers.For more queries about the software please click here

Electronic part catalogue

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