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Parts Order Management Solution

Today world is experiencing a great technological boom and every business is making use of latest technologies to face the intense competition. Manual processes are digitalized for the effective and efficient functioning of the organization.

Analyzing the current market trend and its steep bend towards digitalization, Intellinet has developed an advanced parts order management solution. This software digitalizes the process of ordering spare parts and helps OEMs to increase their aftermarket sales. With its 11+ years of experience in the IT domain, Intellinet has designed the software considering the requirements of OEMs as well as dealers.

Parts Order Management Solution automates the ordering process, inventory management etc. and making it far much easier and quicker for the dealers as well as for the OEMs. The best part of this web-based parts order management solution is that it can easily be integrated with your existing system.

Features Of Parts Order Management System

Intellinet’s Parts Order Management Solution is specially designed for OEMs and dealers in order to help them reap maximum profit from aftermarket sales. The exceptionally unique features of this web-based parts order management solution make it the most demanded and the stand-alone software in the industry. Let’s have a look at the unique features of this software

Automated Part Ordering Mechanism

Ordering spare parts manually is a hard task for dealers as well as for the end users. However, with Intellinet’s parts order management solution ordering process becomes the matter of just a few mouse clicks. This software provides an easy storefront through which they can easily search, select and order the required spare parts.

Live Order Tracking

The software not only provides for automated ordering process but also offers live order tracking. Dealers and end users can easily know the status of their order and can know the expected delivery date. They just need to fill in the details of their order and can instantly track their order. This saves the time consumed in repeated communication with dealers or OEMs. .

Custom Report for Sales Forecasting

Aftermarket sales is one of the major profit centers for OEMs and dealers. This software also helps in increasing aftermarket sales by generating custom reports which help in sales forecasting which is too important for knowing the market demand and maintaining inventory accordingly.

Check-Out Mechanism

This software also offers easy check-out mechanism. The checkout process is similar to the e-commerce websites as the software is also integrated with payment procedure. Dealers and end users just have to select the parts, add it to the cart and follow the easy checkout mechanism.

3rd Party Address Validation

Parts order management solution also offers the unique feature of third-party address validation. This feature ensures that the shipping address or the billing address entered by the dealer is valid which eradicates error in shipment.

Inventory Management System

This software also automates the process of inventory management. The orders are synchronized with inventory which makes the inventory management process easy and helps OEMs to keep the inventory updated in accordance with the market demand.

In addition, to above stated features, it also offer integration with the existing EPC software. This Online Parts Order Management Solution makes the ordering process very easy and quick for both the parties i.e. OEMs and dealers. Thus, help both OEMs and dealers to reap maximum profit from aftermarket sales.

Benefits of Parts Order Management System

The exceptionally unique features of Parts Order Management System benefits both OEM and dealers in multiple ways. Below listed are few of the major benefits of Parts Order Management System, have a look

Easy and Quick Ordering Mechanism

This software makes the ordering mechanism quick as well as easy for both dealers and end users. This results is making the process error free which further reduces equipment support cost.

In addition to the above-listed benefits, this software also helps OEMs as well as dealers to in offering great user experience to their respective customers which in turns help in building the brand image. The web-based parts order management system is proving to be a boon for OEMs as well as to their dealership network as it eradicates all the challenges involved in the ordering process.

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