Auto Claim Creation Through Intelli WMS

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Auto Claim Creation

Whenever any Dealer fixes the technical or any other issues or faults which has arises in the Product, Dealer used to create warranty claim and submit the same to Original Equipment Manufacturer in order to get reimbursed for the expenses incurred by Dealer while fixing the issue in the Product. But one of the most important questions which comes in the mind of Dealers are will Dealers be able to use the Intelli Warranty Management System easily? Will they be able to enter the details required to submit the claim to OEM? What all fields are required to enter in the warranty claim? Does system take too long time to create and submit the Claim? Will the warranty software support Auto Claim Creation? Apart from these questions, there are some more technical challenges which Dealer may face while creating and submitting the claim to Original Equipment Manufacturers if Warranty Management System is not robust and technically sound.

Intellinet Systems analyze the challenges faced by Dealer in creating and submit the Warranty Claims and in the processing of the submitted claims faced by OEMs, Intellinet has come up with the solution as Intelli Warranty Management System. iWMS acts as Auto Claim creation Software. With the help of this Auto Claims creation Software, Dealers are not only able to use the system easily but it also provide advantage in saving their precious time which they spend in entering the data in the Intelli warranty management system and on further follow up they need to do in order to settle the claim.

As Technology advances Intelli Warranty Management System keep on updating itself to cater the changing requirement of Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Auto Claim Creation Software

To accept any Warranty Management System by users, it is important for that system to provide user friendly environment and functionalities with which it should be able to hassle free for any Dealer or OEM to create and submit the claims. One of the user-friendly functionalities is auto claim creation. As the name indicates, with the help of the existing claim which have been created and submitted by Dealer, it is now possible for any Dealer to create a replica of the submitted claims with just one click. This functionality enables dealers to avoid the entry of duplicate data in the new claim and with just one click; Intelli Warranty Management System creates the replica of the existing claim and Dealer need not to re-enter each and every detail which he has already filled in the previous claim. In the new created record, dealers are able to change the details as per the new claim and can submit the same to Original Equipment Manufacturer. This auto claim creation functionality help Dealers in submitting the claim fast and proves to be a useful tool in Auto claim management software.

Claim Creation Using Pre-Define Template

During the normal course of business, Dealers need to submit different claims to Original Equipment Manufacturer. There are certain data which is standard and repetitive in nature and while there are very few details which keep on changing from product to product. In order to enable Dealers to create and submit the claims wherein most of the details are same, intelli Warranty Management System provides the functionality of creating warranty claims using standard templates. Dealers can create the standard template by filling the details as required in this standard template and save it for future reference. Whenever they need to create the claim with details as per standard template, with just one click they can create a new claim using the standard template.

This auto claim management functionality help Dealers to create full and complete claim using standard template. the details from standard template get pre filled in the new claim and Dealers will be able to change the details as required. Thus, auto claim creation functionality helps Dealers to keep using the predefined template to create and submit a new claim. With this, they don't have to enter the repetitive data again and they are able to save time. With this automation of auto creation of claim, Dealer finds Intelli Warranty Management System a very useful system to create and submit the claims to Original Equipment Manufacturer.

For more information and details about Intelli Warranty Management System and our other World class products, visit our website We assure you of the best in class products which will help you to grow your business.

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