Digital Parts Catalog: Innovative Solution for Accurate Part Identification and Ordering

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January 15, 2024
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What is Spare Parts Catalog Management?

The creation, organization, and maintenance of comprehensive catalogs that provide detailed information about the available spare parts of a product or equipment manufactured by an OEM are referred to as spare parts catalog management. These tools enable OEMs to enhance their operational efficiency by reducing the time taken to identify parts and streamlining the catalog management process through automation. This also improves the overall productivity of the teams involved and enhances supplier relationships. 

Digital Parts Cataog

Traditional methods of maintaining paper catalogs were extremely cost-intensive. For example, any change in a part or a component would call for the entire catalog to be re-printed and supplies to all stakeholders involved. This made the maintenance of paper catalogs an ongoing challenge for automotive OEMs. To cater to this challenge, specialised software now enables OEMs to adopt a streamlined and efficient approach to managing and maintaining spare part catalogs.

What Are the Challenges Faced by Traditional Paper-Based Spare Parts Catalogs?

Automobiles began manufacturing in the 1900s with the Ford Model which brought a massive disruption in the mobility market. With the advent of these automobiles, there began a time of refinement and so came to exist parts of essential importance. These parts were traditionally maintained in a paper-based system which had various challenges. The most common was the work happening in silos. This led to the onset of transformation in the automotive industry which did not just focus on the vehicle but also the aftermarket components of the mobility supply chain.

Spare parts management is a vital component of asset-intensive organizations; poor performance in this area results in unnecessary downtime and delays, expensive procurements, and more. For that reason, identifying the gaps in the spare parts management process becomes a key concern for most organizations.

Let Us Focus on the Key Challenges Faced by Automotive OEMs in This Domain.

  1. Accessibility Challenges: With paper-based spare part catalogs, the main challenge is the accessibility. As this would require to be distributed physically, OEMs would need to send physical copies to dealers which turns out to be expensive. This also causes delays in part identification and furthers the process of maintenance or repairs. If, for example, an automotive OEM needs to share the paper spare part manual with any dealer, it would need to be sent physically to all the dealers at once. If this is lost in transit, another one would need to be sent as a replacement so there are no delays in the repair or maintenance processes. These delays can also cause harm to the image of the OEM brand, hamper the customer experience and would most likely damage the supplier relations of the OEM.
  2. Update Challenges: As a paper-based spare part catalog would require the OEM to print and store the catalogs, a single update might lead to re-printing the entire catalog. This would mean the process of designing and printing will have to be repeated and shared with all the stakeholders again. As expensive as it sounds, it is equally resource-intensive. Such challenges cause delays in maintenance and repair services which harms the OEM’s reputation and they lose brand value. 
  3. Search Limitations: As the traditional method of managing spare part catalogs was manually done on paper, it did not have search functionality. The person looking for information would need to know exactly what they want and would navigate to that section. If someone is unsure of what they need, or might just have a keyword to go with, they might need to scan the entire catalog to find what they need. This causes difficulty and makes the maintenance and repair processes lengthy with longer times taken to perform said activities.
  4. Part Applicability Challenges: The paper-based spare part catalogs do not have information on where the part is needed and how it might be applicable. This limits the information provided to users on the compatibility of a component or part with their vehicle. Such ambiguity of information causes more loss than profits in terms of organisational profitability.
  5. Cost and Environmental Impact: As we are progressing, businesses are targeting to achieve sustainable and green goals to ensure they contribute to the carbon-neutral goals. Maintaining a paper spare part catalog means OEMs will have to store thousands to millions of sheets of paper and also share addendums in case of updates. As lengthy as it sounds, it also has adverse effects on the environment, especially when digital transformation is at its peak.
  6. Lack Of Visual Aids: A spare part catalog made on paper will be limited with information and also not contain any 2D or 3D illustrated diagrams of spare parts. This makes it limited in functionality and applicability. The automotive industry has grown in double digits since the past decade and has progressed towards incorporating AR and VR technology in some parts of the world too. Until this becomes cost-effective for all businesses to incorporate, the best bet for OEMs is to adopt 2D/3D diagrams for a better visual aid for stakeholders. This also makes the training easy.

Intelli Catalog - Digital Parts Catalog: The One-Stop Solution For Spare Part Catalog Management

Intelli Catalog is a sophisticated digital parts catalog software designed to simplify the creation and distribution of parts catalogs within an online environment. This software automates the process of catalog creation, saving time and effort for OEMs. By digitizing the spare parts catalog, Intelli Catalog provides an interactive platform featuring illustrations and diagrams, enhancing the user experience and facilitating easier identification of parts. Dealers and users can access the catalog from anywhere with an internet connection, enabling them to quickly locate the required spare parts and verify compatibility with equipment models. This accessibility ensures dealers can serve customers effectively, leading to improved customer satisfaction. Through efficient distribution channels, OEMs can easily share the catalog with dealers and users, ensuring timely access to critical spare parts information. Overall, Intelli Catalog streamlines the spare parts identification and ordering process, contributing to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction for OEMs and their dealers.

Features of Intelli Catalog - Digital Parts Catalog:

  1. Complete Part Highlighting and Hotspotting: Intelli Catalog offers complete part highlighting and hotspotting features, enhancing the user's ability to identify and interact with specific spare parts within the catalog. These functionalities provide visual cues and interactive elements, making it easier for users to locate and understand individual parts, leading to a more intuitive and efficient spare parts identification process.
  2. Effortless Part Supersession Management: Intelli Catalog streamlines part supersession management by automatically updating catalogs with newer versions or replacements. Users receive clear notifications and details about superseded parts, ensuring seamless transitions. The software's cross-referencing and compatibility checks help users confidently select the correct parts, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in spare parts identification and ordering. Overall, Intelli Catalog simplifies the process, making it effortless for users to manage part supersessions.
  3. Order Management and Tracking: Intelli Catalog enhances the ordering experience through a streamlined process and efficient order management features. Dealers benefit from a seamless ordering journey, where they can easily navigate through the catalog, select the required parts, and place orders without complications. Additionally, the software offers robust order management capabilities, allowing dealers to monitor and track their orders effortlessly. Within minutes, dealers can access real-time updates on the status of their orders, ensuring transparency and enabling prompt action if needed. 
  4. Multiple Search Options: Intelli Catalog is meticulously crafted to deliver a seamless spare parts management experience for both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their dealers. The software offers a range of search options, including VIN/Serial Search, Model Search, Figure Search, and Part Search, empowering users to swiftly and accurately locate the precise part required for a specific vehicle, machine, or equipment. Whether users prefer to search by vehicle identification number (VIN), serial number, model name, or visually through diagrams, Intelli Catalog ensures efficient navigation and precise results. This comprehensive approach enables users to drill down effortlessly to the exact part they need, streamlining the spare parts identification process and enhancing overall efficiency in spare parts management for OEMs and their dealers.
  5. Omni-Channel Availability: Intelli Catalog offers a versatile user experience by being accessible across multiple channels. Whether users prefer native Android or iOS applications or opt for the web platform, our software seamlessly extends its capabilities across all channels. This ensures a consistent and accessible interface regardless of the device or platform used. Users can enjoy the same features, functionalities, and user interface design, enhancing convenience and accessibility for all users across diverse devices.


In conclusion, Digital parts catalogs stand as a leader with comprehensive capabilities for the optimization of spare parts management for OEMs. The interface is not just easy but also intuitive and is equipped with robust features like search options, seamless availability on multiple platforms, the transformative approach to spare parts identification, and ordering and management. Intelli Catalog provides effortless part supersession management and adds on to a versatile user experience across channels. By empowering users to streamline operations, digital parts catalog enhances productivity and delivers exceptional customer satisfaction. This software can propel OEMs towards greater efficiency, accuracy and growth in this dynamic and competitive market landscape.

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