How Automotive OEMs Can Retain Customers?

Intellinet Systems
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In every field of business, it is hard to acquire a new customer but it’s easy to retain new customers. This can be done by reinventing the customer experience. OEMs need to open new ways to engage buyers with brand and the ways to anticipate their needs.

Who doesn’t likes to get special treatment? Same way customers want special treatment to ensure if the brand really cares for them. So, traditional methods will not work in this advanced technology freak world. To get customer attention and to make them feel special, OEMs need to adopt automated software that can enable direct react of customers to the brand. Today, customer experiences plays an important role in marketing, but still OEMs in automotive industry are not ready to adopt online parts catalogue software. Have a look at the points given below, how digital software can help you in retaining customers.

Customer Should Be Prioritized

Various researches have shown that to gain continuous profit in business, customer service is very important. If customer is not satisfied with the services of an OEM, he will move to another one instantly. OEMs need to follow the trend regularly, but with their traditional approach it is not possible. Intellinet digital spare parts publishing software is designed in a way to provide best experience to dealers, as well as to the end-customers. This automated software will help OEMs in boosting revenue by prioritizing customer lifetime value.

Improve Dealers Experience

Intellinet online parts catalogue software acts a catalyst in boosting dealer experience in the best possible ways. When dealer don’t get proper support from OEMs, they lose interest in the business, due to which OEMs can suffer loose. Having automated software on board can make the communication channel strong and can enhance the service quality between OEMs and dealers. Ultimately it will enhance their customer base as dealers will offer best services to end-customers.


Intellinet has designed online parts catalogue software with customization options. Every organization has different needs, so through the customization feature they can make software fit for their business module.

Personalization of automated software like electronic parts catalogue will help OEMs in building strong customer base. The software will offer easy part search and ordering option, customer data record online, spare parts tracking and real time data will help in easy decision making. This software is the need of OEMs to compete in market. The software also centralizes the customer database that can be used further to market demands, customer views about the company and to serve end-customers in a better way. Moreover, OEMs can announce discounts, special offers and they will be update in real time.


In OEMs journey to achieve success, customer satisfaction plays an important role in it. Keeping this in mind, OEMs need to plan in such a way that the customer experience can be reinvented. To help OEMs, Intellinet is here with advance software’s that will help in retaining customers. Software’s like online parts catalogue and warranty management system will not only help OEMs in retaining old customers, but they will also help them in gaining the new customer base. The software paves a way for OEMs to work efficiently and effectively in their own comfort zone. However, not only their customer base will be strong, but relation between internal employees and authorized dealers will be strong. Also, no special setup or training is required to run the software.

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NOTE: The software from Intellinet is only meant for OEMs and not for any third party dealer of spare parts.

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