Save Revenue Loss On Part Recall With Call Tag Automation

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The automotive industry experiences an unprecedented number of recalls every year. The need for recall arises because of a defect in a specific part or portion of a vehicle. OEMs spend a significant amount of time and money ensuring vehicles meet legal standards prior to selling them to dealers. Most recalls relate to discovered problems with a vehicle or a vehicle's equipment that create a safety risk.

A part recall order is issued by OEMs when any failed equipment (under warranty or sometimes not in warranty) is replaced by the authorized dealer on behalf of OEM. A defect includes “any defect in performance, component, or material of a vehicle or equipment.” OEMs need that defective part for R&D.

The equipment manufacturers notify their distribution channels about the recalled equipment. But what is the way for OEMs to get back the exact part that is replaced by dealers? Who will ensure the authenticity of the received part and that it is the same part that is replaced by the dealer? In how much time will the OEM receive that part, and who is carrying the part?

These are some questions that need to be answered, and due to all this, OEMs bear a huge revenue loss. The answer to all such questions is the call tag automation feature of the RMA module. Through Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), OEMs can get the product back and arrange proper shipping of the product back to them. Also they can track the shipment.

Intellinet the leading provider of has added this call tag automation feature in their RMA module. The tool will help the automobile OEMs in getting defected parts back in an effective way. Also, this will increase productivity, as they can better research about the reason of defect and error in the part. This will help in making product better and will play an important role in boosting the revenue of OEMs

How It Works?

It allows OEMs to create a part return request under RMA and then followed by generate call tag. It gives the freedom to choose the perfect carrier for carrying your parts and also ensures the right parts are shipped to the right locations on correct time without any delay.

Facility to generate a call tag number (Requesting someone to pick up my courier) to schedule pick up of the courier.

Reset button is also available if LSP didn’t pick the courier at given time.
Call tag automation depends upon business to business rules

With the help of call tag module, OEMs can track the part shipped material and can authenticate it with their records.

Call tag is a much-needed feature for spare part manufacturing organizations to ensure transparency, and also to improve end-user experience and satisfaction. This module provides the freedom to get back the supplied goods.


  1. Time Saving
  2. Processing and administrative cost reduction by up to 20%
  3. Elimination of fraudulent claims
  4. Product improvement and service enhancement
  5. Transparency
  6. Live Tracking of shipped material

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