Streamlining Inventory Management with Mobile-App-based Ordering Tools

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Efficiency in spare parts order management is of utmost importance for OEMs in today’s competitive business landscape. When the parts and order management system is not streamlined, it causes disruptions and losses to the business. The advancement of technology and the introduction of a mobile-app-based parts order management system have brought a revolutionary transformation in inventory management and have implemented a streamlined solution to these challenges. 

Mobile app-based spare parts management software
Mobile app-based spare parts management software

Evolution Of Spare Parts Order Management for OEMs

With the introduction of a mobile app-based parts order management system, a lot of processes have become automated and streamlined. The traditional approach involved a lot of paperwork and manual labor which caused delays and miscommunications. This led to delays in the delivery of parts which was a major cause of poor customer service. However, the introduction of a mobile app-based parts order management system has enabled OEMs with numerous benefits:

1. Accessible and Convenient: The team throughout the organization has access to the mobile app. This reduces the communication gap and enhances accessibility. Now the procurement team can place orders anytime which improves the efficiency of processes and is also a convenient method to manage orders.

2. Real-Time Inventory Visibility: A Mobile app-based order management system can provide information about the inventory levels anytime it is required. As it is a mobile solution, the procurement team doesn’t need to access their laptops or office computers but can check the real-time inventory levels. Such visibility empowers OEMs to reduce the wastage of stocks by checking overstocking or understocking.

3. Efficient Order Processing: Traditional methods lacked efficiency in order management as they were manually executed. But with the help of spare parts order management software, orders can be processed efficiently with reduced lead time. 

Key Features of Spare Parts Order Management System That Improve Efficiency For OEMs

There are multiple benefits that OEMs can take advantage of when deploying spare parts order management software. Let us take a look at those features:

1. Tracking Inventory: Spare parts order management software enables OEMs with real-time visibility of inventory levels. As it is available on mobile devices, the accessibility is also improved. This means that the authorized teams can access the stock levels anytime. This feature saves immense organizational costs as it helps avoid wastage of inventory. Real-time visibility enables OEMs to avoid overstocking and understocking of parts and makes the processes efficient and streamlined. 

2. Order Placement: Traditional order placement involved procurement teams manually identifying parts and placing orders. Such processes were time-consuming and also were prone to errors, delays, and miscommunications. As there were multiple teams involved, it also was a costly affair for OEMs. The deployment of spare parts management software has enabled smooth order processing and streamlined the order management process. Now, the teams are equipped with efficient order management where they can also track the status of the orders.

3. User-Friendly Interface: A simple and intuitive user interface signifies that the time taken to learn the new systems will be less compared to complex and sophisticated user interface-based spare parts order management software. It also means that such tools will be adopted throughout the organization with ease, regardless of the technical expertise of the employees.

4. Integration Capabilities: For any system or software to be implemented successfully, it needs to have integration capabilities with the existing organizational systems. The advantage of a mobile app-based parts order management system is that it can be integrated with existing organizational systems like ERP or CRM.

Advantages for OEMs

Implementing spare parts management software brings multiple advantages for OEMs. It enhances the productivity of the team and enables cost savings, to name a few.  Let us take a look at them:

1. Enhanced Productivity: As the processes are streamlined and automated, the a need to reduce the need for manual intervention. This means faster and more efficient systems that enable employees to focus on more strategic tasks. It increases the team’s productivity and empowers organizations to focus on their long-term goals.

2. Cost Savings: Inventory management is a major cost-intensive factor for OEMs. Implementing spare parts order management software enables organizations to have real-time visibility into the stock levels and avoid wastage of stock by overstocking and understocking. This means organizations can save costs by managing inventory levels efficiently.

3. Improved Customer Service: Customer service is a non-negotiable factor for companies today. Enhancing customer service leads to increased sales and brand awareness. With the implementation of spare parts management software, order processing is streamlined with better visibility. As the lead time is reduced and orders can be tracked, customer service is improved.

4. Data-Driven Decision Making: This is perhaps one of the most important factors of any software available in the market today. Mobile app-based spare parts management software collects data at multiple levels and utilizes this data to forecast future procurement and inventory patterns based on part usage and inventory level history. As this decision is backed by organizational data, it ensures business growth and sustainability.


Transforming the traditional processes, streamlining order management, efficient inventory management, improving productivity, and decreasing costs are a few of the benefits that a mobile app-based spare parts ordering system brings to the table. In addition to this, it also empowers OEMs to enable employees to focus on strategic tasks and focus on long terms organizational goals. It also streamlined the order management from ordering to delivery which brings enhanced visibility into the order management systems. This is a leap in technological advancement and there would be many more to come.

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