Well Informed Dealers Makes Well Decisions with Intelli Service Information System

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In earlier times, whenever original equipment manufacturers need to provide any document, literature, operator manual and other such documents to dealers, Original Equipment Manufacturers need to take the printout of this document than Original Equipment Manufacturers need to send the hard copies of these documents to each and every dealer. As dealers may be distributed and are at different regions and locations, it used to take large amount of time in delivering these documents to the dealers. In the absence of the updated information, dealers are not able to do their work properly and at times due to lack of any technical update, they are not able to provide better after sale service to customers. Intelli Service Information System helps original equipment manufacturers to overcome this delay of sending updated information to different dealers which are spread across different regions.

With Intelli service information system, original equipment manufacturers are able to provide detail and descriptive documents and literatures with respect to different line of products, spare parts and accessories and are also able to provide any other updates with respect to organization. Intelli service information is an online web-based system which can be accessed by dealers and original equipment manufacturer with the help of Internet and they can access this system at their convenient time. With the availability of Intelli service information system 24/7, it has drastically reduced dependency of both dealers and equipment manufacturer on each other for any kind of update they want to provide. As dealer has the access to Intelli Service information system they can access and can search for the required document, literatures, operator manuals and other details any time and they can get an update about different products, spare parts and accessories. With the help of these updates, they are able to apply the update knowledge while fixing the issue which might have come in any product and also search updated information which help the dealers in resolving the different queries from different end customers.

Goal of every original equipment manufacturer and dealers is to provide better after Sales Service to the customers. With the lack of updated information original equipment manufacturers will not be able to provide better service to dealers and in the absence of proper knowledge from original equipment manufacturer, Dealer will not be able to assist customer in their queries which the customer has with respect to the products or spare parts they want to buy. If dealers are able to answers to all the queries which customer has, customer will be able to take the decision accordingly and with satisfied queries, they will purchase the spare parts. Therefore, Intelli Service Information system helps both original equipment manufacturers and dealers in handling the different queries and it also helps in providing updated information to all the users.

There are various technical brochures published by OEMs to apprise the dealers, distributors etc. with the latest service requirements, technical changes etc. The Service information system acts as a central repository maintaining all such documents at one place for future reference. It is integrated with electronic spare parts catalogue software, making the information easily accessible to all its users.

Technical documents are also created for different warranty claims. The dealers and the plant have to go through the document before raising the claim. Once it is read, they cannot deny their awareness of any fact or information and to intimate OEMs about their reading status read reports are generated intimidating transparency which minimizes the conflicts between dealers and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

As the time changes and with rapid increase of use of internet traditional way of providing updated documents and literature by original equipment manufacturers to dealer has become obsolete and is replaced by technology based intelli service information system. With Intelli service information system, original equipment manufacturers are able to provide different manual literature in the form of document which can be accessed by dealers on real time basis this decrease in time lag in providing information help dealer in gaining more confidence and knowledge about the products and spare parts and they will be able to deliver more in terms of increasing the revenue of both original equipment manufacturer and dealer

Intelli Service Information System as developed by Intellinet delivers the solution to dealers with no deferments and thus helps them to the resolution of the issues quickly. Intelli service information system thus not only helps the dealers in rapid resolution but also helps in building a robust relation between dealers and original equipment manufacturers.

For more information and details about Intelli Service Information System and our other World class products, visit our website We assure you of the best in class products which will help you to grow your business.

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