Why OEMs Need To Get Serious About Marketing Strategy Of Their Organization?

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Auto OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) often struggle in getting desired ROI and continuously conduct R&D’s to figure out why their organization is getting enough ROI. There can be many reasons for not getting perfect ROI and most prevalent from them is marketing efforts aren't bringing in the ROI that they expect. There're a few reasons for this, but one of the most prevalent is a simple lack of emphasis.

In this competitive world customers are becoming increasingly furious and Auto OEMs who are not paying attention to this and not implementing suitable technology according to the demand of time, will surely lag behind.

The main problem is, OEMs still hesitate to make a move with advanced technology. And reason behind the same is – they fear that they will not be able to integrate advanced software properly into the existing setup and second they fear that advanced system can block their existing network.

But, implementing an advanced system is nice intuitive and it will lead OEMs to success in a hassle free way. Also, the advanced software’s like electronic parts catalogue and warranty management system are not that difficult to implement as OEMs think they are.

Leading Auto OEMs understand the value of technology and importance of superior marketing also. Implementing advanced software for marketing is just like, using excellent technology for manufacturing products.

As an outdated product won’t help an OEM in market, as nobody will purchase it. In the same way outdated and traditional marketing process won’t help OEMs.

Technology driven approach will drive success into all stages of the sales funnel and marketing operations. OEM’s looking to remain ahead of their competitors should not say no to this type of offers.

Advanced tools strategy will provide value to the potential customers. It's effective precisely because it allows OEM’s to perform their business operations effectively and efficiently.

In other words, it allows OEM’s not only to create error free operations that provides solutions for manual processing and solves the problems that will result in the most ROI for its marketing spend.

The beauty of an OEM broadcasting their expertise out of the market in highly specific areas is that ultimately, it makes it easier for people who are actually looking for a solution to come across it.

The tasks managed in automated way will be highly qualified and transparent. These tools will attract OEMs to solve most challenging problems and solution to other specific manufacturing problem.

Once you fill your sales funnel with these types of leads, it's much more likely that you'll also start making a lot more sales.

But of course, having advanced technology on board is only one part of the equation. You also need to be able to get that content in front of the people most likely to find it useful and ultimately purchase the product.

Marketing through digital technology uses the distribution channels that are currently frequented by OEMs around the world looking for solutions. One of the most potent of these is social media. In manufacturing industry social media and mobile apps are emerging as the biggest game changers in terms of connecting and influencing customers. Technology is all about maximizing the effectiveness of existing business operations in order to drive success to the OEM.

Original equipment manufacturers are certainly no strangers to digital disruption. Technology is changing rapidly and keeping up with the pace requires constant innovation.

By embracing the value-added tools into the business setup, OEMs will be able to reap benefits and perform tasks smoothly. Wish to know more? Get in touch with team Intellinet at

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