Campaign Management through Intelli Warranty Management System to recall the Products

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One of the most critical task of any OEM is to maintain the best quality of their products but there are cases where products which are manufactured in certain batch or lot develops some technical error. Such error may come to the notice of the Original Equipment manufacturer for the products which may be at dealers' inventory or might have sold to end customer.

Whenever OEM got to know about such production error, they need to take immediate action and need to recall all such products from the market. Without proper warranty management system, it is very difficult to manage recalls of default products. In some region, they are governed by Government rules.

Recall is the process of retrieving and replacing defective goods. To recall the product, companies launch "Campaign" which has all the details with respect to that recall. In order to make it easy for OEMs to manage recall of default products, Intelli warranty management system (iWMS) brings out the solution as Campaigns. Intelli WMS has a dedicated functionality available within the system which not only manages recalls of the products from dealers, but also helps OEMs in managing the campaigns as well.

Intelli Warranty Management System (iWMS) helps the OEM user to manage mass recall of products that have any defects which has arisen due to fault during production activity or in which some kind of enhancement is required which will improve the performance or efficiency of the product which have been sold to Dealer or to Customer. These recalls may also happen if OEM found safety issue in the product or might create problem in smooth functioning of product.

Below are the different benefits which OEM can achieve by implementing Intelli WMS in their company-

  1. Flexibility- Intelli Warranty Management System (iWMS) provides flexibility to OEM users to manage the campaigns in system. They can define the start and termination dates and can map products are required to recall.
  2. Campaign Alerts through Mails - One of the most unique feature of Intelli WMS is the alerts it sends to OEMs. Every campaigns or recall is a time bound activity and hence OEM always put the termination date to such recalls. Before the termination date, system starts sending the alerts in terms of mails to define OEMs so that they can be made aware that some campaign is about to terminate and if required, they can go Intelli Warranty Management System (iWMS) and can do that needful to increase the termination date.
  3. Auto-Mapping of Products- Whenever any campaign is launched, such campaigns or recall are always launched against specific list of products. These set of products may or may not be registered in the system at the time of launch of campaigns. Intelli recall management system provides functionality that whenever any products which were yet not registered at the time when campaign was launched, same gets automatically mapped with the campaign if it qualifies for that campaigns. OEM need not to go into the system and need to map the same.
  4. Auto-notification to dealers- Dealers plays vital role in recall management. After any campaign is launched by Original Equipment manufacturers, dealers get auto notification on the dashboard visible to them on their login in the system and they can then take required action. They can create and submit claims for those products which qualify for those campaigns. Once any campaign is closed, dealer will not be able to create campaign type of Claim for that specific product and can submit normal claim.
  5. Campaign Customization- Every recall or campaign has specific name and description with which purpose of the campaign can be known. Every Campaign is a time bound activity where it has a specific start date and end date. Also, with this functionality of Campaign, OEM can also customize the different campaigns and can define what all products need to recall or if they want to recall products of some specific category, same can also be define. They can also do so by specifying the same while defining campaign.
  6. Multiple Campaigns at one time - In Warranty Management System, multiple campaigns can be launched by OEM for multiple products and is not limited to one. So, at any point of time if manufacturers found multiple defects in multiple products, different campaign can be launched to recall different products.
  7. Recalls for different stock level - Recalls or Campaigns can also be launched for the products at different stock level. It may happen that products which need to recall are at different stock. They may still be with manufacturers and maybe in plant or they might have been sold to dealers and are at their stock level or it could be possible that some of the products have been sold to end customers. Recall management provides helping hand to OEMs that they can launch recall or campaigns specifically for stock at Plant level or at dealers stock or products which are already sold to end customers.

OEMs task or recall management is no longer challenging and difficult to manage. Warranty Management System (iWMS) has made not only recall of the product much easier, robust and technology enabled system has helped original equipment manufacturers as well as the dealers as they get timely information about the default, steps taken by manufacturer to rectify those defaults. Better recall management results in better after sale service to the customers.

For more information and details about Campaign management and our other World class products, visit our website

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