How Service Information Module keeps Dealers Well Informed and Update Their Knowledge

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Dealers and Original Equipment Manufacturers used to communicate with each other on a daily basis. They communicate with each other with respect to the business updates, queries they have and other such business communication. Original Equipment Manufacturers keeps on launching different products in the market to expand their businesses. Whenever any launch of new products happens, it is very important for Original Equipment Manufacturers to communicate about such update to dealers. This communication involves communicating all information which is related to that product, technical knowledge on that product, how it will benefit the end user, what are the features and attributes of that product, what are the shortcomings of the product and other related features.

In Earlier times the technology was not advanced, Original Equipment Manufacturers used to print these literatures and Bullins in getting all the information and then need to send all these literatures to different dealers. This important communication may get delay as well due to one or the other factors and if the information which needs to pass on to dealer on time reaches to them late, such communication results in loss of knowledge to dealers.

Intellinet has come up with a solution named as Service Information Literature module. This Service Information literature module enable Original Equipment Manufacturers to send any communication with respect to the parts or if they has made any technological advancement in the existing product on time so that dealers always has the update information with them and they become more equipped to answers the queries raised by customers if dealers has any query.

Intelli Service Information module is backed by technology and hence it is very easy for any Original Equipment Manufacturers to use this module and with user centric algorithm dealer find it very easy to explore the different literature which are published by Original Equipment Manufacturers and they can get the knowledge about the different product on time.

Easily Explore of Menu:

In order to make it easy for any dealer or for Original Equipment Manufacturer to search for different literature, Service information module is furnished with menu which can be explore easily. It is very easy for users to explore the menu from top to bottom and can easily find out the literature which they are looking for. By exploring the menu, Dealers also got to know about the different literatures which they can explore later on as required.

Mass import of Literature:

With Intelli Service Information module, Original Equipment Manufacturers can import multiple service literature in one go. Uploading of literature on by one is a tiresome process if OEM needs to upload multiple documents. Service Information literature module provide functionality to OEM with which they are able to upload multiple documents at the same time instead of the need to update the documents one by one.

Active - Inactive of Literature:

Change is the need of the time and hence it may happen that one product has become obsolete or Original Equipment Manufacturer has launched a new product in the market. To keep the Dealers well informed and to avoid any confusion, literature with respect to product which is no longer in need to remove from Service information Literature module and the documents for newly launched products need to update in the module. Service information module provides both the functionalities to OEM with each they can active or inactive their existing literature based on the business requirement. It is very easy for any OEM to manage the documents uploaded in Service Information module and with the updated information they can not only keep the Dealers up-to-date but also can avoid the confusion between dealer and OEM.

For more information and details about Intelli Service Information module, feel free to connect with our subject matter experts at

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