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Any software which is accessible online is not complex and Intelli Electronic Parts Catalogue software has proved it. Once Original Equipment Manufacturers starts using the Intelli Electronic Parts Catalogue software, Original Equipment Manufacturers become more familiar with its functionalities. They realized that it is very simple and easy to use. Dealers also need to retail the spare part and accessory parts as a part of after sale service. Management of the products and parts has now become acute to the success of every business. From the point of view of a customer, if they are getting a good After Sales Service, they will remain engaged with those brands or else they just start looking out for different alternatives. It has become critical for every Original Equipment Manufacturers to have an automatic solution with which Dealers should not only find it easy to order the different spare parts and accessories but they should also be able to check the current inventory, prices of different parts, searching capability in online web based solution and real time tracking of the orders placed by Dealer.

Access Restricted Application

Original Equipment Manufacturers offers spare part, accessories and other parts to all the dealers which are spread across different regions. Intelli catalogue stores all the data on a server which is not only easily accessible by OEMs but it’s access is restricted to authorized persons only. Therefore, Intelli Electronic Parts Catalogue software helps in handling data and also provide safety and security of all the information related to spare parts and accessories parts. As original equipment manufacturer has access to the database and server, they can update the details of the Part easily with the help of different modules which are available in electronic parts catalogue. Dealers and OEM find it much easier to use Intelli Electronic Parts Catalogue software. They will be able to search the different parts, order the different quantities of the parts and can track the status of the order.

Central System for all Spare Part Needs

This web based online parts catalogue software is a one stop solution for all the dealers and distributors to place the order for spare parts and accessories. Structure of the software is designed in such a way that any dealer or distributor can search the required Parts using different parameters, check the inventory of the Parts and based on their requirement they can place the order and track the same hence instead of using multiple solutions it acts as one stop online shop for dealers and distributors.

Multiple Ways to Find the Parts

Intelli Electronic Parts Catalogue software comes with different search parameters with which even if the dealer or distributor have little some idea about the parts which they are looking for, they will be able to search for the parts. For example, if they know some of the description of the part, they can search the Parts using that description thus even if the dealer doesn’t know the exact part number, they will still be able to search for the required Parts and can place an order. Different parameters include search through model vehicle identification number, part number etc.

Updated and Accurate Inventory

Intelli Electronic Parts Catalogue software helps Original Equipment manufacturers to maintain updated and accurate inventory. No matter whether you sell online or store, you should be able to access your inventory information from each location. Make sure you choose a digital catalogue system that effectively tracks your entire inventory. This would let you fetch an accurate system for each sales channel you utilize. If Original Equipment manufacturers are not able to maintain accurate inventory in the parts catalogue for any dealer to order from, it would be very difficult for any dealer to order the exact quantity of spare parts they want to order when it is required which makes it useless. This mismatch in inventory level may result in huge loss to both dealers and original equipment manufacturer as the required part will not be available on time due to unavailability of stock. Intelli electronic parts catalogue help original equipment manufacturer to maintain and update the stock level accurately and thus providing correct and up to date level of stock with quantity available to dealers on real time basis.

For more information and details about Intelli Electronic Parts Catalogue software and our other World class products, visit our website We assure you of the best in class products which will help you to grow your business.

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