Spare Part Catalogue: A Must Needed Revenue Saving Tool for OEMs

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Spare parts management is an important part of manufacturing business which could lead an OEM to success or bankruptcy. It can increase the company profits, productivity, and reliability. Perfect inventory management software would eliminate all the delay risks of part search, inventory management and warehouse management. To understand the importance of spare part catalogue, a fundamental knowledge of maintenance types, spare parts and spare parts management is needed. OEMs realize the importance of spare parts management and they need a system to automate the whole process, save time, eliminate errors and increase benefits. Many ways are there to do that, as each organization has their own developed way to do so.

Spare part catalogue is basically responsible for publishing the manual catalog of OEMs into digital form, so that anyone from any location can search and order the part directly from the portal whenever needed. The software is also capable to manage warehouse and total inventory of the OEM.  Most of the OEMs use traditional set of functioning to locate and find parts. Normally, they use shelf and bins method. The numbers on shelf and bins are used to register the parts, to simplify for a person to store, locate and find the part whenever needed. Most of the OEMs use paper sheets that are needed to be signed by storage personal and the part receiver every time. But now the trend has changed and they need to use parts catalogue software to manage all such works.  The software will eliminate all the paper work, reduce error and make the part search process easy within time.

Spare parts inventory management tool is important part of business that is required to stop time money and effort loose. From another angel if we see, having technical advantage means saving of physical workforce. The best set is find the right number or spares for each parts in the right place and right time. Nowadays, with the internet revolution OEMs can contact thousands of sellers in all over the world, and manage purchasing orders from over the sea to reduce cost and have better quality. Moreover, maintenance techniques have developed where the advanced maintenance (based conditions maintenance) equipment and tools are developed, which allows the maintenance personal to estimate in more accurate way, the failure time and the best time to do the maintenance. OEMs can use all the potentials in using technology to increase the productivity in the market. Otherwise, it would be hard for them to compete. To survive they need to develop and integrate advanced technology. Manufacturing is a major sector, and spare parts are the important branch of this.

Spare parts catalogue is a good tool for OEMs to increase the efficiency, responsibility of workers working in different departments that will free the company from working load but it may cost extra money. OEMs using this technique will have better short of personal as compared to company who are not using it. The technique would reduce maintenance time, will eliminate the process time where the time gain to organizations would be a lot. This technique helps also when the stopping time is very expensive, or the spare parts inventory would be far from the production line.

Spare parts catalogue would reduce the cost, and personal effort. The software is capable to fit according the company needs and save unnecessary cost. Using inventory management software would reduce the personal effort and the process time, where all the needed parts will have to be management through the single portal. Using paper based inventories will need more personal to control and store, and would make the process time longer. Use online part catalogue software and get faster flow of information, where it can reduce the order time to few seconds, and give instant information about the inventory status in real-time.

Using advanced technology does not mean to fully eliminate the paper works, many OEMs still uses both systems. The only point is to adopt a management program that can maximize the benefits of OEMs. Having connected authorized dealers chain increase the chances of adopting digital software to reduce part search time within the possible minimum time. Also, after adopting digital technology it will be easy for OEMs eliminate any risk that is harmful for organization. It will also increase the chance of OEMs to serve customers at remote location.

Inventory management software is like a safety zone for spare part management, it would be wise to have it, but it would cost money also. The best spare parts management software should be balanced, involving cost and features. Also, OEMs can give access to authorized dealers and that will not be a matter of concern. The dealers will be able to guarantee customers, about the availability of spare parts with no extra cost; this will increase customer trust on brand and will ultimately result in increased revenue. If you wish to know more or to schedule a free demo of the software, connect to

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