Technology Alert For OEMs: Field Technical Report Is The New Time And Cost Savior For Automotive OEMs

Intellinet Systems
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In field operations, collecting information is not an easy task. Field technicians go from one place to another to perform a job and then after completing that job they write all the job related process on paper and then submit this paper report to their office. Now, someone from office will retype that report to store everything into the system. Isn’t it a long process? Also, what if a field technician is not able to perform a specific job due to various technical issues or due to non-availability of required parts?

Isn’t it a loss of time and efforts for field technicians and dealers too? So, what can be done to counter such issues? Well, this is the era of technology and technology has introduced latest technique to collect field information online and send the report to reporting personnel in real time. Now, you must be craving to know what that technology is. Well, the name of technology is field technical report. But, before choosing the best FTR, OEMs must need to consider these 4 must haves things, while searching the solution for their organization.

  1. Customizable: The FTR solution must be customizable that an OEM can make changes in that according to their needs and requirements. Also, make sure that you are getting the outputs instantly after making changes.
  2. Required Fields: The FTR solution must have functionality that a field technician or authorized dealer can’t skip the required fields in order to save time or not giving complete info to OEMs.
  3. Live Tracking: This is the must have feature for OEMs if they are looking for field technical report solution. After OEMs will give them access to authorized dealers it will help them to track the field technician performing the job at remote locations. This real time reporting will help them to serve customers better.
  4. Mobile App: Mobile application of a field technical report solution must be available, so that OEMs, dealers and field technicians can communicate whenever needed. Also, if field technician is not sure about availability of any part, he can simply upload the picture of the part on the portal from mobile and can ask necessary details about it. Also, reporting can be done in offline mode and will be uploaded to portal ones software will come in range of internet.

Moreover, while looking for mobile solution enabled FTR, just don’t settle for digital form of the software, instead opt for an approach that is capable to give you all of the information in real time. This way you’ll be able to save a lot of valuable time, and serve customers in a better way.

Conclusion: Better communication is the key to retain customers. Regardless of how long time it takes to complete a job, if customer is regularly updated about the under progress task, they will be satisfied. The situation often escalates, without the customer being notified.

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