5 Reasons, Why OEMs Need To Adopt Intelli Field Technical Report Software

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Cloud based applications are booming the manufacturing sector and the current market value of such applications is $1.2 billion. Also, in upcoming five years the market will experience a compound annual growth of 20% (approx). Based on that, we can assume that future of such applications is bright.

As per the size and growth of manufacturing market, dozens of software giants are vying for share. Everyone claims that their software will help automotive OEMs and manufacturing organizations in transforming operations, keeping up with industry trends, increase profit, and maximize customer satisfaction.

These claims are prompting many OEMs to evaluate if now might be the right time to adopt the latest field technical report software. With more than a decade of experience in this field, let us give you some good reasons why it is the right time to make a change:

  1. Costly To Maintain And Operate: If the current setup is too much expensive to operate and maintain, then it’s probably the time to replace it. Typically, manufactures using companies that operate antiquated or disjointed systems experience higher expenses as compared to those who don’t. The reason is enough to justify the purchase of new field technical report software.
  2. Hindering Growth: In the absence of complete features and functionality the manual process can limit the growth of a company. As a result of this the only solution is adoption of new technology i.e new software.
  3. Not Able To Get Good Data: This is one of the most frequently cited reasons for adopting software. If an OEM is not able to get perfect data from their installed base, like customer demand info, service histories, failure rates, etc., then company takes it as disadvantage because it lacks the intelligence to effectively plan and execute resources.
  4. Flexibility And Scalability: It is important that your field technical report software should scale up without a massive investment in capital or labor. In addition, the software should offer flexibility in terms of how workers can share and access data as well as flexibility or openness in terms of the ability to add on third party applications.
  5. Impact On KPIs: Ultimately, the success of an OEM will depend upon how their software is able to meet financial targets and keep customers happy and its ability to manage service processes against KPIs. And if its performance trails significantly from industry average or best in class, then perhaps it’s time for adopting such field technical report software that can do a better job and drives performance.

The market players will always offer you some innovative software. But it’s you, who need to take decision by keeping future capabilities and latest industry trends in mind. Implementing Intelli field technical report software may seem costly at a point but it will benefit later as it will not be time consuming, so the decision will be all yours.

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