OEMs: Transform Your Work Process with Field Technical Report Software

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If you are an OEM, you must be noticing numerous business trends changing year after year in the market. Also, your competitors must be trying to push you on edges and you end up trying everything to attain customer satisfaction and retain them in the long run.

In this process, you must have taken suggestions from various sources, but don’t you think that, instead of trying every particular strategy, it’s better to get your hands on something that can give you benefits in long term?

OEMs business is not just about manufacture spare parts, sell them and earn profit. Now, it’s much more than just selling. OEMs need to provide world class services to their customers in order to gain their trust and to retain them. Now, you must be thinking about, what is that something that can transform the organization work process and provide long term results as described above. The answer to your question is field technical report software, commonly referred as FTR.

The FTR software is a platform that allows you to maintain a good relationship with your customers and also help your employees to make their work much easier and quicker. The cloud based FTR software is the latest trend buzzing in OEM field. It is a centralized platform, where OEMs schedule jobs for field technician automatically through the portal, they can track them, connect with the technicians at remote location, assist them with their requirement and much more will be possible through this FTR module of electronic part catalog software.

Let’s have a look at how field technical report help OEMs to accomplish necessary tasks and help OEMs.

FTR Helps In Building Brand Image

FTR software helps authorized dealers of OEMs by scheduling jobs of field technicians. Whenever an error occurs on field, end customers expect instant action from seller, so this module from Intellinet is prepared by keeping all such situation in mind. Through this module after integration with EPC, authorized dealers will be able to connect with field technicians quickly and can notify them about nearby scheduled job, also can track them and help them on the spot if required. This will improve productivity and also effective work process will be generated.

FTR software lets OEMs automate and streamline tasks, maintain effective job forecasting and automate, streamline, synchronize all the sales activities.

After integration it will provide strategic value, increase visibility into the supply chain management process, and drive growth.

It can be the game changer for OEMs in an approach towards managing large-scale client management and customer relationships.

FTR Gives A Quick Insight About On Field Job

You may be a small OEM or large equipment manufacturing organization, you need to provide best services to your end customer and you need to be present their instantly if they need you. The online FTR software it the path maker in this scenario, it not just provides basic customer information but it also gives the information about field technician who is performing the job at remote location. The job completion time, parts used in job completion, wages and other demographic data can be stored in the application easily. The field technical report software comes with a complete set of features. The benefits of software are–

  • Customerdata capturing
  • Enablepredictive analysis
  • Helpsto manage customer loyalty
  • Reduceshigh servicing cost
  • TrackField Technician On The Job

If you wish to know more about the software or want to have a free demoof the software, just connect to

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