Improve Customer Service with Returns Material Authorization Software Module

Intellinet Systems
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Return Material Authorization

Developed by Intellinet, RMA software solutions help OEMs take control of return parts and other internal operations so that they provide the ultimate level of service to their customers.

RMA software solutions allow OEMs, dealers and other supply chain partners to submit and track the return of parts. The solution supports single or multiple parts returns in one go and facilitate the ultimate customer service experience.

RMA allows OEMs to customize it according to their own business needs and workflow processing that support various business programs with a unique process, data capture, and validation set. The customizable RMA software solution offered by Intellinet will increase consistency, efficiency, and customer service excellence within the organization.

Benefits of Intellinet RMA Software Module

Does your company need a comprehensive RMA module? Intellinet highly customizable returns management platform will help organization improve its customer service levels by:

Being More Productive:

RMA software will enable OEMs to configure unlimited workflows, tailoring each service and repair process to match specific operational needs and eliminate paper work. With this software OEMs will have complete control over each task that user will perform and will see the actions each user can take, and what’s will be required to move on next step.

Connect with Customers:

OEMs can connect with their customers and dealers through this ultimate RMA module. Customers can initiate and manage parts returns and can track processing, accept or deny cost estimates, and can get real-time status information at their convenience. For business partners, the solution offers interface to access information and perform specific function according to their authority.

Reduce Costly Returns:

Reduce costly returns process through this RMA tool. The module is fully functional on mobile and tablet devices. This will allow not only considerable total returns, but also pass critical information to departments to determine the path of returned product, from repair to refurbishment and disposition.

Manage All Returns In One Go:

Manage all parts returns with single system and that too from the touch of your fingers. Managing parts return through manual method is time taking and guaranteed error process with no clarity in process. RMA supports product and warranty validation to enable OEMs to handle any RMA type from single to bulk, in or out of warranty, and even serialized versus non-serialized product. The return material authorization also allows easy integration possibilities with dealers or other organizational software.

Gain Complete Visibility:

RMA module gives OEMs and dealers a comprehensive view of all the activities. Format, schedule and delivery of reports with user-customizable reports to help craft optimized reverse logistics. Dynamic Reports & dashboards provide an easy, accurate read of everything going on.

RMA module is a part of warranty management solution from Intellinet systems. This module is a great way for OEMs to adopt advanced technology and stay ahead in the competition. If you have and query regarding the software or wish to see a free demo of the software, just connect to the experts at

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