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Aftermarket sales and services are one of the major profit centers for OEMs as every machine in its lifetime needs repair and replacement of spares for efficient functioning. Sales of spares and accessories bring huge profits to OEMs as once the product is sold, need for part change arises multiple times in the entire lifecycle of the product. However, once the machine is out of warranty customers do not purchase the original spares and accessories due to multiple reasons such as high price, non-availability at the time of requirement etc..

The leading Electronic Spare Part Catalog Software is a one-stop solution which resolves all these issues and helps OEMs to increase their aftermarket sales. Our EPC software is helping OEM to reap maximum profit from aftermarket sales as it eradicates the doubt of duplicity and helps to meet the real-time demands of dealers as well as end-users.

How Intellinet Aftermarket Solution help OEMs
to reap maximum profit from Sales?

Electronic parts publishing catalog software by Intellinet System helps OEM to get maximum profit from aftermarket by boosting its sales. The exceptionally unique features of Intelli Catalog make original spares and accessories easily available to the dealers as well as to the end users. Below are some unique features of Electronic Spare Parts Catalog which help OEMs to gain maximum profit from its one of the major profit centers i.e. aftermarket centers.

Storefront to dealers

Intelli Catalog offers a storefront to the all the dealers that is similar to an e-commerce website. Dealers can explore the store and select any number of parts and place bulk orders directly to OEMs. Dealers can easily find the accurate part via hub spotting, 2-D graphics, VIN number, accidental repair utility feature etc. EPC software is also integrated with other multiple applications such as DMS, ERP etc. which help dealers to instantly place the order with just a few clicks.

Storefront to end users

Not only to the dealers, but Intellinet catalogue also offers storefront to the end users via dealership network. End users can easily order any spare part or the accessory directly from the dealer which again increases the share of aftermarket sales. Instant and easy accessibility of the original spares and accessories to the end users serves a long way in enhancing the aftermarket sales of the spare parts.

E-commerce capabilities

Intelli catalog is also integrated with e-commerce capabilities which make the ordering process much easier for both end users and dealers. These e–commerce capabilities make spares available in just a click of mouse. In addition, dealers and end users also get the information about the alternate parts instantly which allows them to explore alternatives in case of non-availability of required part or accessories.

Availability of latest & accurate parts

Our Electronic parts catalog makes latest and the accurate parts available to the end users to meet their real-time requirements. Users can search the required part via visual search, VIN number, part number, part name etc. This software saves time of users as it make parts before they go to market to and purchase it. Instant availability of the accurate and latest spare part also serves as a major factor in boosting sales.

Accessible via different Mobile devices

Our Electronic parts catalog is also accessible via different mobile devices such as tablet and smart phones. We also provide native IOS and Android app which offers flexibility to end users and dealers of fulfilling their requirements as per their own availability.
Intelli Catalog with the best use of latest technology is serving a long way in increasing the aftermarket share of OEMs as well as dealers.
End users generally don’t purchase original equipment once the warranty comes to an end as it takes quite a long time and requires them to visit the dealer. However, Intelli Catalog with its advanced features makes it easily available to the end users as well as to the OEMs thus increasing the sale of original spare parts and the accessories.
In addition to increasing the aftermarket sales, effective online presence, customer support etc. also helps in building the brand image which again benefits the business in multiple ways. Intelli Catalog is a one–stop solution for increasing the aftermarket sales and enhancing the growth rate of business.

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