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    Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

    How AR/VR Solutions Are Beneficial For Automotive Industry?

    Manufacturing is an industry where every second matters. Modern automated factory and OEM floors never stop walking, and even the smallest mistake in design or layout can cost innumerable millions of expenses. Augmented realities and virtual reality are gaining much attention and promising tremendous development. Therefore, in this article, let’s find out what the basic difference between the two technologies is and how they can be beneficial for auto spare parts manufacturers.

    What is Augmented Reality?

    Augmented reality is a technique that layer the enhancement generated by the computer over the current reality so that it can be made more meaningful through its ability to interact with it. AR technology is coming soon in mainstream.

    The increased reality is driving the automotive industry by providing an incredible customer experience.

    This is really bringing the automotive showroom on a plate to the customer, enabling the engineer to look at concepts in different and more effective ways and train the staff so that they can perform better. For example: A special print advertisement was enhanced through AR that viewers could enjoy running 3D around the spare part, and could observe its features, until then only possible in real metal. This kind of strategy brought a brand new dimension in manufacturing industry and to the OEMs.

    AR As Innovative Support Services Tool

    Automotives are not only growing in numbers, but also in complexity. That's why service staff should have a lot of information about how to properly serve vehicles. To assist in managing the increasing complexity of vehicles in OEMs, servicing professionals should be directed to their work activities

    Workers are given step-by-step instructions to perform specific tasks, which equipment should be used, how to use them, how to collect parts, correct configuration, etc.

    The software designed specifically for this purpose displays clearly labeled spare parts and gives instructions on how to keep them in working, complete with their work and facilities. Each task work will be clearly displayed through the initially known process. Making the servicing aspect of vehicles quick and accurate

    What is Virtual Reality?

    Virtual reality is an artificial, simulation generated from computer or the real life environment or the situation is entertained. Under this users feel that they are experiencing a reality, primarily by stimulating their vision and hearing.

    The VR is usually achieved by wearing a technology equipped headset, and it is used in two different ways.

  • To create and enhance a fictional reality for gaming, entertainment and sports.
  • To enhance the training of real-life environments by simulating reality, where people can practice beforehand (like flight simulators for pilots).
  • The virtual reality can provide that edge, and has taken great steps in the manufacturing sector and to the OEMs.

    Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

    AR and VR are reflections against each other, in which each technique wishes to fulfill and distribute to the user. Virtual reality provides the digital entertainment of real life setting, while the augmented reality provides virtual elements in the real world as an overlay. Here are the ways in which AR and VR re-shaping the market manufacturing space:

    Worker Performance:

    In the automotive industry, AR and VR can improve the workers vision line and enable them to complete tasks faster. For example, a technician who traditionally wired a car's electrical gear control box - reviewing the instructions manual, changing the gear box, returning instructions etc. - and the same instructions of vision when done through line-AR headset over lined. Device increased 34% in worker performance on first use.

    Inspection and Maintenance

    AR and VR can reduce inspection time and can assist in detecting errors. Currently many automotive OEM organizations are implementing AR technology to enhance efficiency and improve quality control in its installation and inspection facilities. Through this technology, and via a tablet digital mockups can be overlaid on images of real systems by the employees, so that the defective parts can be identified that is needed to be repaired or replaced.

    Product Design

    Companies can also use virtual reality in the product design phase of manufacturing, which allows developers to make modifications and joints quickly before products in molding and manufacturing processes.

    How do they work together?

    This is not always a virtual reality VS augmented reality, as they do not always work independently from each other, but in reality they often mix to produce a more immersed experience.

    Virtual reality and augmented reality are great examples of experiences and interactions inspired by the desire to be immersed in the customized land for entertainment and sports, or to add a new dimension of interaction between digital devices and real world. Together alone or mixed, they are undoubtedly opening up the world - both real and virtual equally.

    The world of automotive industry is primarily focusing on this technology. 3D has revolutionized the way to create and develop spare parts in recent decades.

    There are still some obstacles in the implementation of AR and VR technologies, like automotive OEMs with adequate processing speed, bandwidth and AI-Analytics capabilities to fully implement new technologies are involved. But the fact is that various automotive OEMs are experimenting with AR/ VR.

    And, if the automotive manufacturers will continue to automate regular responsibilities, the workers will be imperative in operating robots and artificial intelligence. With AR and VR, the staff will be safer and more productive in the way.

    Finding such organizations that can offer full proof AR/VR resolution is also a very difficult task, but if you are the one who is looking for the best one for this work, then your search ends here. Intellinet system offers best AR/VR related services to equipment manufacturers and OEMs. For more details or any additional info about the same you, one may connect with Intellinet team at

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